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Today saw the final day of the Group Stage of the China Regional Qualifier for the Chongqing Major and with that, 4 teams are confirmed for the playoffs, which take place tomorrow. From the 4 teams, 3 will reach the Major, while the final team would fall just short.

With a 13-minute victory in the last game of their group stage Qualifier run, PSG.LGD, The International 2018 runners-up, booked their spot in the playoffs. After poor performances at the Kuala Lumpur Major as well as China’s H-Cup, they would be hoping to return to the form which they showed at TI8.

Tean Aster had a recent bump-in-the-road when they replaced their mid-laner, Deng ‘Dstones’ Lei after a terrible performance from the team at the KL Major. But they were hoping to push forward with their new player and the host of legendary names within the organization were hoping to make a showing at the next Major.

Vici Gaming have been up and down constantly thoughout the first instance of the DPC and again so far this season. The team placed 2nd at the recent ESL One Hamburg 2018 but then were stomped out of the KL Major in 7th/8th place. They would be hoping to find their way to the CQ Major to redeem themselves.

EHOME were the final of the four teams to make it through to tomorrow’s playoffs. The team consists of 2 ex-Wings Gaming players who won TI back in 2016 and they fought tooth-and-nail to get into the playoffs.

On the other end of the qualifiers; Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up continued to fall short in their attempts to get into the Major. Recent roster changes on iG would make them hopeful of putting in a better performance, but the squad seemed unable to take anything from their main qualifier run – even after looking strong through the Open Qualifier. RNG were a little better off, after their 3rd place finish in the recent Minor but their Major hopes were destroyed again as they were unable to beat out the likes of Aster and Vici to the top of their group.

Playoff Bracket CN - CQ Major

image: Liquipedia

Out of these 4 teams, only 3 would make it into the CQ Major and these 3 teams will be decided tomorrow as the playoffs for the China Regional Qualifiers get under way.

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