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The Bucharest Minor got off to a fantastic start today with Group A giving us a taste of the Dota 2 action to come in 2019. Gambit Esports, continuing on their amazing run so far this year, dominated the group and took the first-place seed while the rest of the group fell in line behind them.

Unfortunately for Team Team, they fell to the bottom of the group after losing all their series today. The team came close to winning on many occasions but were unfortunately unable to ever close out any victories, except taking a single game off of Gambit. Even in their series against Ninjas in Pyjamas, who were noticeable struggling through the day, Team Team were unable to close out a sizeable game two lead and fell straight into the Lower Bracket playoffs of the Minor.

The final series of the day would be a replay of the first series of the day, with Keen Gaming and NiP going up against each other โ€“ the winner would find themselves joining Gambit in the Upper Bracket of the playoffs, while the loser would head to the Lower Bracket. After the initial series went Keenโ€™s way in a 2-1 victory, NiP would be hoping to turn things around. But the Chinese team were too strong and ripped through their opponents again, taking second place in Group A. One of the most interesting aspects that came out of Keen today was definitely the strength they showed with Sven, a hero which hasn’t been seen often in professional Dota 2 for some time.

image: PGL

Tomorrow will see Group B get under way, with The International 2018 victors OG getting their DPC season under way.

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