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The South American Regional Qualifiers for The Chongqing Major reached their climax just a short time ago with test 123 and paiN Gaming claiming the 2 spots for the region – while there was also a disqualification Playmakers Esports.

test 123 may not be a team name recognized by anyone at this moment in time but the team are well-known as the ex-paiN X team who left the organization just a few days ago and instantly begun their venture to get into another Major. With Kartik ‘Kitrak’ Rathi joining the team, they powered their way into the Winner’s Bracket final where they met paiN and dispatched them into the Loser’s Bracket – while they claimed the top seed for South America.

The South American Regional Qualifiers were ripe with some Dota 2 drama though, not involving either of the winning teams. Playmakers Esports is another well-known name in the SA region, previously called Braxstone prior to early November when they formed under the new title. In the Group stages of the qualifier, the team required a stand-in player in their deciding series against Infamous Young and claimed that it was Jhoam Sebastian ‘Mogur’ Molina Garcia.

However, StarLadder quickly caught on to the incorrect information as Mogur was actually participating in a World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) match and thus proceeded to disqualify Playmakers for concealing their stand-in. While Infamous were given an automatic win, they were eliminated by Thunder Predator – who went up against paiN in the Loser’s Final.

When it came to the decider between the two teams, paiN took down Thunder and claimed the second South American spot at the upcoming Major. That leaves only China, Europe and North American Regional Qualifiers for the Chongqing Major which continue for the next few days.

The Chongqing Major Qualifiers:


NoPangolier and Qualify for The Chongqing Major


TNC Fight Adversity, Qualify for the Chongqing Major Along Fnatic


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