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Photo by: Steve Andreou

The Bucharest Minor’s second day came to a close earlier after Group B reached its pinnacle – with a fantastic day of Dota 2 action. The group was considered less exciting than Group A, but definitely produced some of the most interesting and best games of the tournament this far.

The opening two series of the day would see EHOME crushing Playmakers Esports as well as OG, while having some struggles, ultimately taking a clean sweep over the Southeast Asians, BOOM ID. These set us up for one of the best matchups of the tournament.

OG versus EHOME would be the next series, one featuring a plethora of winners of the majestic Aegis of Champions. The Chinese squad featured two victors of TI, both winning back in 2016 with Wings Gaming while OG were 4 of their 5 that picked up last years trophy. The first game was an epic back-and-forth battle between the 2 teams – a Tiny destroying on one side for EHOME and a dominating Vengeful Spirit for OG. The Chinese team were the ones to close things out and refused to give OG any sight of victory in the next game either, closing out a 2-0 series.

EHOME would secure the top spot in Group B, acquiring their place in the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs, while OG would fight for the second-place spot in the day’s final series.

Playmakers would take on BOOM in the next series, hoping to have a chance to secure any victories in their opening games at the Minor. Unfortunately for the South Americans, BOOM were looking too strong for them and another 2-0 series was seen – with BOOM getting a rematch against OG.

BOOM seemed to finally have OG in the bag, taking a fantastic lead in the opening game – but they were not prepared for the absolutely destructive onslaught brought forward by Topias ‘Topson’ Taavitsainen’s Troll Warlord. The young Finnish player placed his team firmly on his shoulder as he single-handedly (at times) ruined BOOM’s chance at a win against his team. OG secured the game and going into second game they just seemed unstoppable, taking the victory and securing their spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Things are far from over at the Bucharest Minor, with all 8 teams still in the running and the Playoffs beginning tomorrow. The match-ups for tomorrow are as follows:

image: PGL

Upper Bracket

  • Gambit Esports vs OG
  • EHOME vs Keen Gaming

Lower Bracket

  • BOOM ID vs Team Team
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Playmakers Esports

Two teams will be eliminated tomorrow in the lower bracket, while 2 from the Upper Bracket will get one step closer to obtaining a Minor victory and reaching The Chongqing Victory.

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