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The CIS Regional Qualifiers for the upcoming Chongqing Major were close to an upset but in the end both and NoPangolier would come out victorious and claim their spots at the second Major of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2018/19 Season.

The CIS Regional Qualifiers for the Chongqing Major had one rather unlikely victor earlier today, as NoPangolier claim an amazing upset victory over Many expected Natus Vincere to be on a path back to the top but the team didn’t even make the playoff stage of the qualifier – instead the likes of Gambit Esports and Team Empire Hope were the ones to show their resilience. NoPangolier went into their winner’s final against VP the definite underdogs but were able to beat out the recent Major winners and claim the top seed spot for the CIS region at the next Major.

But, being that they are, considered one of, if not the best, Dota 2 team currently, they did not let the loss go to their head. In the Loser’s Final, going up against Gambit, they emphatically claimed victory and the 2nd spot for CIS at the Chongqing Major. VP and NoPangolier join the 2 Southeast Asia to qualify for the upcoming Major so far as we await the rest of the regions to find their teams.

The South American Qualifiers will be decided tonight while Europe, North America and China will all find their champions in the coming days.

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