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North American regional qualifiers were the last pit stop for DreamLeague to find their 15th team arriving at the third Major of the season, held in Stockholm, Sweden March 14-24.

Same with the previous two Majors, NA had three slots up for grabs, and much like in a déjà vu experience, the three winners remain the same. Evil Geniuses and J.Storm were first to claim a  slot each, with Forward Gaming taking the last ticket. From the three squads who seem to have no big rivalry in their region, it’s only Evil Geniuses who posed a threat so far at the LAN finals. At both Kuala Lumpur and Chongqing Majors, EG placed third, having to watch twice in a row the grand finals going between Team Secret and J.Storm finished 9-12th at both previous Majors while Forward Gaming have been somewhat going backwards finishing just bottom four at the Major in China after in Malaysia they were on the same 9-12th positions with J.Storm.

DreamLeague Season 11, the Stockholm Major qualifiers only upset happened in the group stages where Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao’s stack, Flying Penguins opened with a 2-1 over EG, victory which allowed them to finish first in Group B. However, for any EE-sama fan this is hardly an upset. If there is something people expect from any Envy team, that is exciting and at the same time exhausting games. In that aspect, Envy didn’t let his fans down. The Flying Penguins series from the past few days were an absolute show and although the team didn’t qualify, they surely take all the highlights in NA. With the Major qualifiers now over, Flying Penguins, along with all other teams who didn’t make it, still have a chance to redeem themselves via StarLadder ImbaTV Minor. The open regional qualifiers for it will start today, February 7th followed by the closed regionals starting on the 9th.

Fifteen teams qualified so far for DreamLeague Season 11, the Stockholm Major and one more will join them as the champions of the SL ImbaTV Minor Champions.  

The Stockholm Major participants:

  •         PSG.LGD Gaming
  •         EHOME
  •         Keen Gaming
  •         Na’Vi
  •         Fnatic
  •         Mineski
  •         Ninjas in Pyjamas
  •         Team Secret
  •         Team Liquid
  •         Chaos Esports Club
  •         Infamous
  •         Evil Geniuses
  •         J.Storm
  •         Forward Gaming
  •         TBD (SL ImbaTV Minor winners)
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