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Ninjas in Pyjamas end their run at The Bucharest Minor top four after losing four matches in a row to Keen Gaming.

The Chinese forced Peter “ppd” Dager’s team to a playoffs lower bracket start by defeating them in the group A decider series and while NiP survived the first two elimination matches, Keen were quickly sent to the same lower bracket by EHOME yesterday.

When groups were drawn, most of the Dota 2 fans were hoping for an OG versus NiP Minor grand final, but after they played a few matches, it became clear that neither of these two was in good shape. In some of the winner’s interviews along the event, PPD himself admitted that he still tries to figure out the meta and earlier today, after NiP eliminated OG from the event, he said that he looked more closely into what Gambit are doing and that he feels like he has a better idea of what should be favored. He was feeling prepared for another Keen match-up. However, the Chinese were once again superior in drafting and execution. NiP got stomped in game one by Keen’s line up that emphasized the early aggression with Tusk, Centaur Warrunner and Rubik as great initiation/disengage options, while NiP tried to surprise with a last pick mid-Arc Warden on top of a Visage safe lane core. AW got completely dominated in the mid lane and with no reliable stuns coming from the two supports, Undying and Grimstroke, NiP weren’t able to make the early rotations to balance the laning stage and lost the control of the game right from the get-go.

In game two they got heavily countered by Keen’s last pick of the draft, Razor. The hero was a direct counter to NiP’s cores, Troll Warlord and Dragon Knight. With one of the two hard hitters always losing its damage to Razor’s Static Link, NiP’s only hope was in Adrian “Fata” Trinks’s Puck. He did save the day for his team on a couple of occasions, but unfortunately, his damage alone was not even close enough for NiP to live and see the finals day at the Bucharest Minor.

China is now fighting with two teams in the top three, Keen Gaming in the lower bracket finals and EHOME in the Grand Finals already. The only ones who can prevent the Minor title to go to a Chinese team are Gambit Esports, who are Keen’s adversaries in the opening series of the finals day at the Bucharest Minor.

The Bucharest Minor Finals schedule:

Sunday, January 13:

11:00 EET – Gambit Esports vs Keen Gaming (lower bracket finals, bo3)
16:00 EET – EHOME vs TBD (grand finals, bo5)

Bucharest Minor streams:

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