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Drama in Dota 2 always comes out during transfer periods and with the deadline quickly approaching, a player’s mother has revealed big issues regarding Zhang ‘zyd’ Daquan and EHOME.

Little under a week ago, EHOME revealed a seven-player roster which would participate in the currently ongoing Midas Mode 2.0 – a fun Dota 2 event which gave teams a great chance to relax against world class opposition just prior to the Pro Circuit beginning. Featured as one of the players on this roster is Zyd, a player who rose to fame within Team Serenity over the course of 2018. The team also featured another mid-lane player, one much more famous after winning The International 2012, Luo ‘Ferrari_430’ Feichi but as the Southeast Asian and China region for Midas Mode has not yet begun, we have yet to see which player will take the spot. However, now it seems as though Zyd’s deal with EHOME has completely fallen through after payment, contract and negation issues have come to light thanks to a post made on Weibo by his mother.

The post below accuses both EHOME and coach, Zhang ‘xiao8’ Ning, for not keeping to their word regarding the acquiring of Zyd to their roster. Thanks to Yuhui Zhu for the translation.

“Recently, many people who are unaware of the truth, have been maliciously slandering Zyd. I would like to clarify the whole thing about how he (Zyd) was screwed over during the transfer period. There have been many good teams approaching him since the beginning of the transfer period but eventually he decided to join EHOME because; they have good players and a competent coach and they were really sincere throughout the negotiation process.
He arrived at the club on September 10th 2019 and practiced with the team for more than ten days, even playing tournaments under the team banner. However, he was never spoken to about his contract. On September 23rd, he was told that he would have to undergo a two-month trial period at the club but that during this time, his salary would be halved. He was also told that if the team were to obtain good results in this time, his initially agreed on salary would be resumed but that should they fail to get these good results, the salary would need to be re-negotiated.
As far as I know, Dota 2 is a game that requires an amazing performance from all five players in order to achieve good results. What were EHOME up to with this additional requirement?
From the beginning to the end, Zyd has never had any excessive demands but only asked that the club resumed his agreed upon salary after the two-month trial period.”

She goes on to call EHOME out for being “heartless” in screwing over a player in this manner before she also posted screenshots of conversations between Xiao8 and Zyd.

The first of these screenshots reveals a conversation regarding Zyd’s payment which was said to be 40,000 RMB. The screenshot shows that bonuses were said to be given upon better results with no talk of a trial period or pay re-negotiation from poor results.

40,000 per month, there will be a pay rise if the team can make it to the Major.
There will be more bonuses if the team can make it to TI or achieve better results.
Think about it.
Ok good.
ESL starts around the 20th, will I be playing?
I will confirm with the boss and ask the manager to get everything finalized. You can come here once it’s done and play the qualifiers if you can make it.

The next screenshot seems to be after Zyd was told about the trial period, the pay-cut and the possible re-negotiation if there were poor results. From this screenshot we learn that Zyd still had not seen his contract.

I feel like I’m the victim here. I’ve made compromises but the management still does not agree.
I used to be a player, so I understand the difficulties of being a pro player.
For starters, regarding the contract. I have played here for more than 10 days and still no contract.
And now this… I’m not asking for a lot. I can accept the trial period part.
But I want my salary to be resumed after that trial period because that’s something we’ve agreed on.
The roster is complete now.
The reason I came here is because I think this roster has potential and you are a trustworthy man.
With your coaching I can improve and reach another level.

The final screenshot below still continues to discuss the payment issue and the lack of clarity from EHOME’s side.

I don’t think it’s that bad. Worst case scenario, you get 20,000 less.
You still think it’s about the money?
Do you think it’s okay for you, a newcomer, to get the same salary as Faith_bian and y’, who have been in the team for more than three years? It’s just a two-month trial period.
Nevermind. I don’t want to talk about this. It’s meaningless.
I will clarify the whole thing if people are trying to make it a big drama.
If it’s about money, I wouldn’t have chosen EHOME in the first place. The offer you provided was not the best one. We made an agreement before I arrived but you just keep failing on your promises. Do you still think it’s a matter of money? A man should keep to his word. If you think that I am the one making things difficult, then tell people the truth. I think Team Serenity is more pissed off than I am on this matter.

On the point of Team Serenity, the organization’s owner took the time to post ANOTHER article which revealed that the same sort of thing had occurred to Xiao ‘XCJ’ Chaojian with his contract when he was to join EHOME. The owner reveals that the contract was actually finalized for XCJ who them made the journey to the team headquarters before suddenly being told that there was no money to sign him. Nobody had actually informed the player before he left.

However, moving back to the Zyd saga, Xiao8 has also posted a response with his version of things, which is translated below.

“At the beginning, I was the one who wanted to have Zyd on the team, so I reached out to him and he told me that he would love to join. After he discussed it with his parents, he expected 50,000 per month as a salary from us. Then I learned from the management that the highest salary in the team is 40k and I told him that this was the best we could do with performance-based bonuses a possibility (the communication wasn’t really good as I did not notify him of the trial period). He joined and started training with the team and after a few days the management asked me about the overall state of the team as they were going to get the contracts signed by the players, which: considering that there are two new players, they would have to have trial periods to differentiate the new players from the old ones and this period would end if they made it to the Major.
Eventually Zyd refused the deal and has subsequently returned home. We have paid him his full 40,000/month rate for his training with the team.

As it stands, EHOME still have a seven-player roster at Midas Mode 2.0 with Zyd still a part of the team. However, from this, it would seem that he will no longer be a part of the squad even though the full EHOME roster for the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit season has yet to be finalized.

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