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Kim “Febby” Yong-min interviewed another former teammate of his for FebbyTV. The one answering the call this time around was Fnatic’s coach Kim “DuBu” Doo-young who had to face a few hard questions regarding Korean Dota, the MVP Phoenix former members and even go into a few details about his marriage and personal life aspects.

As per usual, the FebbyTV interview is colourful, a good mix of entertaining questions and seriousness and it has a lot of mature language that we had to edit out. Don’t hesitate to watch it fully on Febby’s Youtube channel.


Febby: What do you prefer, coaching or playing?

DuBu: I thought I prefer playing, but ever since I’m coaching, I feel pretty good. I feel like now I have my own life.

Febby: Life is less stressful as a coach, is that what you saying?

DuBu: Yeah, for example when you are on a  vacation your a** is not on the fire, you don’t feel like you have to play.

Febby: That’s true, when you are a Dota 2 player, even though you are on a break or a vacation, you still have to play every day, you have to watch replays and all. You’re not actually on a vacation. Alright, next question: Where did the nickname Dubu come from?

DuBu: Oh, I heard this question a lot, and then every time I answer it people are disappointed.

Febby: I am ready to be disappointed.

DuBu: It’s just my nickname from middle school. That’s it.

Febby: That’s a very disappointing answer. Next question: Will you kick DJ for Febby?

DuBu: No.

Febby: Who do you miss playing with the most from the MVP people?

DuBu: Let me think.

Febby: So there are four people: QO, Forev, MP and me.

MVP Phoenix at Boston Major, 2016

DuBu: What if I don’t miss any of them?

Febby: What are your top 3 favourite animes?

DuBu: Tora Dora it’s the best anime. I don’t know the English names of the others.

Febby: How was it playing with Bulba and Mason, can you describe it in a few sentences?

DuBu: Mason is very scared for a carry player. I don’t know how to describe it. He is great in the laning, he is great at farming.

Bulba is really good at roaming. He understands very very well where he should be on the map.

Febby: How important do you think is physical fitness for Dota 2?

DuBu: I think you are fine if you can recognize the real hero between illusions.

Febby: Ok, so you don’t think it’s important.

DuBu: It is important, you have to have a clear mind.

Febby: What do you think about your fans?

DuBu: My fans? Do I even have fans?

Febby: That’s exactly what I thought you will answer. What do you think of the current Fnatic roster?

DuBu: They are very good. I think we will win TI.

Febby: Best foreign food you have ever had while travelling?

DuBu: Thai curry.

Febby: Who is your favourite Dota 2 caster?

DuBu: Kyle – swindlemelonzz.

Febby: Why do you like him?

DuBu: Because what he is saying, it makes sense. I don’t really want to flame other casters, but, I like to listen to what Kyle is saying. Other than that, I just mute everyone.

Febby: That kind of sounds like you’re flaming everyone else, but ok. Next question: How do you manage Dota 2 and the marriage?

DuBu: I put Dota 2 in the first place and the marriage second.

Febby: Auch, I really hope your wife doesn’t see this interview.

DuBu: She knows. It’s like this because if we succeed in Dota, it will cover for everything else. But, if you fail in Dota, if you put Dota second, then it’s GG, you know? You might end up failing in your marriage as well.

Febby: Ok, it makes sense. Why are you so handsome?

DuBu: I’d say it’s in my DNA. I have handsome parents.

Febby: When do you want to have kids?

DuBu: I actually can’t imagine myself having babies.

Febby: But you do want kids, right?

DuBu: Ermmm, I’m not sure.

Febby: Ok, talk to your wife about this one. What’s one thing that we don’t know about you and that we will find surprising?

DuBu: I’m not gay.

Febby: THAT WE WILL FIND SURPRISING! Of course, you are not gay, you are married to women.

DuBu: Well, I kind of look like I’m gay and a lot of people think that I’m gay. So… SURPRISE!

Febby: We are not surprised. Next question: What do you want to do after Dota 2?

DuBu: I just want to play some games.

Febby: After Dota?

DuBu: Yes. There might be some RPG games.

Febby: What are you going to do for money?

DuBu: I’ll make money from that. I’m good at games.

Febby: If you’d have to play one hero for the rest of your life, which hero would you pick?

DuBu: Techies.

Febby: What’s your favourite hero and what’s your least favourite hero?

DuBu: Venge because she is pretty.

Febby: Venge is pretty???

DuBu: I mean, she looks ok compared to others. My least favourite is Abaddon.

Febby: Really? I love playing Abaddon.

DuBu: It’s not fun to play it, at least to me.

Febby: What was your first impression on Febby?

DuBu: When did we first meet?

Febby: I don’t know, man. I think we met when you were on the MVP.Hot6 with SunBhie and you were not doing well and I wasn’t doing well either on Poker Face.

DuBu: Hmm.. first impression…I heard that you were good like at whatever, but I didn’t feel like you’re good at Dota at that time.

Febby: Thank you for such an honest answer. Which player’s replays did you watch and learned the most from back when you were a pro player?

DuBu: I watched a lot of Solo’s replays.

Febby: Why did you intentionally feed for Abed’s 10K MMR?

DuBu: What?

Febby: Oh, so you are still in denial, ok, ok. What do you like the most and what do you hate the most about Febby as a teammate? And before you answer, I would like to remind you that I’m teamless and whatever you say can decide whatever team I’ll be on.

DuBu: Ok, so, what I like the most is…that you are a really good teammate, in general. You bring the plus factor to the team. You make the atmosphere really good, you are open to learning and you try hard. And now that I think of it, I don’t really see any bad sides.

Febby: What are you doing to improve at Dota right now?

DuBu: I play pubs. I watch replays, I’m trying to figure out what heroes we should go for like in the next tournament, what new tricks can be done, things like that.

Febby: What do you think about MP as a friend and as a Dota teammate?

DuBu: Let’s see… MP as a friend.

Febby: He is pretty boring, let’s be honest.

DuBu: Aaaa…

Febby: Dude, I said the bad thing so you can say the good thing and look, god.

DuBu: What if I say another bad thing?

Febby: Then we are both bad guys.

DuBu: I don’t think MP is boring. He watches a lot of the interesting stuff on Youtube and he is very fun to talk with.

Febby: What about him as a Dota 2 teammate? For example, I hate how he is not talkative.

DuBu: Oh really? You know,  I really like that about him. He is quiet and does his job.

Febby: Do you think Korean Dota is dead because of Nexon (the Korean Dota 2 publisher)?

DuBu: I don’t think so. They could keep the Korean leagues longer, instead, they spent their money on whatever. Like on Inviting Alliance, Team DK, etc. But I honestly think the timing was bad. There was a time when Korean Dota 2 was good, the MVP Phoenix, the Shanghai Major times so, maybe the Korean Dota 2 player base would have increased back then, but for Nexon, I really think the timing was way too bad.

Febby: Is there any other game than Dota 2 that you play right now?

DuBu: No. Wait, wait, wait! I play Poker.

Febby: Any gambling tips?

DuBu: Don’t gamble.

Febby: What do you do for your team as a coach?

DuBu: First, I’m trying to figure out the patch. After that, I’m looking at my players and try to find what would be the playstyle that suits them the best. So basically, I’m deciding on a direction and then we go for it in practice games. After the practice, I watch the replays and I figure out the map movement, figure out how we should communicate, things like that. And then, the draft is the main job.

Febby: What is a higher risk: the slot machines in Casinos or QO carrying?

DuBu: Wow, I need to think carefully about this. It’s actually comparable.

Febby: Why are you so serious?

DuBu: That’s not some stupid question, it’s actually comparable, you know. Let me think. Hmmm.. hmm.. I think slot machines are slightly more dangerous than QO, but it’s very close.

photo credits: PGL

Febby: What do you think about Mineski kicking Febby?

DuBu: How could they do this??? It was so bad… oh my God, they are not even humans…

Febby: Could you answer that with less acting… do it more natural. So, again, what do you think about Mineski kicking Febby?

DuBu: I think it was the worst decision they made, oh my God… I rather kick IceIceIce than Febby.

Febby: Alright, let’s just move on. Which players do you think Feeby should team up with?

DuBu: I’m not gonna say anything.

Febby: Alright, yeah, you can choose to not say anything. Last question: What would you say to your wife if you would lose a s**t ton of money at a Casino?

DuBu:I wouldn’t lose that much.

Febby: So, you never lost money at the Casino?

DuBu: I did, I did. Obviously, I lost, but I don’t lose much. I am disciplined, you know, I know my limits and I don’t go crazy. But, if I would lose a lot of money, I would say to her “sorry I lost this amount of money, but it’s ok, I’m gonna win TI.”

Febby: Alright, thank you for the interview. Good Luck DuBu, bye-bye!

DuBu: Thank you, it was such a great honor to talk to you.

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