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Evil Geniuses were sent to the lower brackets by Vici Gaming after a defeat at the best of three series. Even though Evil Geniuses won the second game it was considered to be a throw by Vici Gaming but the truth is that Evil Geniuses out-witted Vici Gaming under a high pressure situation. Read here the analysis of how Evil Geniuses constructed a magnificent comeback. Match ID: 5120513349.

Draft Analysis:

Game 2: Picks and Bans

Some of the picks in the game were not the usual of this tournament, example: Pudge, Venomancer and Axe as a support. Arteezy got Faceless Void, his comfort hero which was later banned in the next match as this hero caused so much trouble for Vici Gaming.

Evil Geniuses had 55% Draft Advantage
Draft Advantage in detail

Evil Geniuses had good advantage in split pushing, mobility, initiating and defending whereas Vici Gaming had good advantage in healing, right click damage, pushing, durability and disability. Evil Geniuses picked Lich in combination with Grimstroke who were very efficient in dealing lots of damage. The draft didn’t have a huge difference and it was possible for both the teams to win the game. It all came down to execution and pressure management.

The shift in the game:

Vici Gaming had 20,000 Networth lead when they decided to push the tier-3 towers. Pudge, played at position three was dead and Faceless Void was farming far away but suddenly Pudge bought back and both the teams decided to go for a team-fight. Vici Gaming had the chance to fall back but they didn’t because they had a huge advantage in the game and thought they could win this fight. It was mostly a brave game-play by Faceless Void that helped Evil Geniuses handle Vici Gaming’s attack. Many Faceless Void players would have just run back after a failed Chronosphere but he didn’t. Vici Gaming had lost 4 heroes in that fight and caused Pudge and Grimstroke to buyback.

The move that was considered a throw:

After the fight in the Dire’s base, Evil Geniuses went out to kill Roshan and Vici Gaming decided to buyback on all the 4 dead heroes to fight for Aegis, Cheese and Refresher Shard. If Vici Gaming allowed Evil Geniuses to grab those items from Roshan then it would have been extremely dangerous for them. Another possibility of buyback on 2 out of 4 heroes to just scaring Evil Geniuses would have been unsuccessful because Ember, Pudge and Void had efficient ways to catch and kill quickly.

Another strong option for Vici Gaming would have been to save their buybacks, allow Faceless Void to grab the Cheese and the Refresher Shard and face 2 chronospheres. On top of that, Faceless Void and Ember had buybacks so technically they would have had to finish both of their HP three times! This would have been dangerous, hence Vici Gaming’s strategy to buyback on all the 4 heroes was perfect because Faceless Void’s Chronosphere was under cooldown for 60 seconds and they already had good items and lead to fight back.

The reason for Evil Geniuses’ victory was that they made an unexpected decision to fight even though they have Faceless Void’s Chronosphere. The execution was brave and it was smart as they understood that they could actually win the fight. Most of the teams would have waited for Faceless Void’s Chronosphere. Hence proved it wasn’t a throw by Vici Gaming but a genius decision by Evil Geniuses.

Highlights of the final moments:

The worst 1 minute of Vici Gaming
Quickest Networth fall ever

A tip for young players:

Buybacks are precious and so is Cheese, Aegis and Refresher Shard. A decision to fight as a team is still a united decision and should not be criticised even if it fails. Never get discouraged by an aggressive decision of buying back that turned into a failure. The most important objective of the game is to think, plan and execute as a team. Even though Vici Gaming lost this match, they recovered in the next game and destroyed Evil Geniuses.

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