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The Wrath of the MO’ROKAI special event available exclusively for the TI9 Battle Pass owners proved to be a source of disappointment. Unfortunately, Valve has once again taken a shortcut and instead of coming with a new game concept to at least match last year’s Battle Pass Siltbreaker event complexity and innovation, they rehashed some old ideas.

Wrath of the MO’ROKAI is simply a Dota 2 game mixed with New Bloom creatures and some elemental rewards which help as the match goes by. The Dota 2 community is unrelenting in expressing their frustration with this year’s Battle Pass event and given the fact that it actually follows all the rules of a normal Dota 2 game, many have asked for the developer to allow the players to at least use their Wagering tokens so they can increase their battle pass levels while playing the event. MO’ROKAI itself gives 3000 battle points per week, which translates in 3 Battle Pass levels, but no other ways of maximizing the points gain were possible.

Starting of July 10, the players will be able to wager their tokens at the start of the game and tip their teammates and adversaries with battle pass points.

Other MO’ROKAI updates:

  • Added 100 points rewards for losses
  • Increased the point reward for winning from 250 to 300
  • Each team now has two guaranteed bans
  • penalties are now being assessed for abandons

Additionally, Valve have also announced that the Invoker Persona item, available at level 305, will be added to the Battle Pass on the 19th of July along with another game update.  Until then, all players are invited to participate in the Summer Scrub and provide reports on any bugs they might find in the game.

“To assist in our efforts, we’d love the Dota community to put on your bug-hunting hats and sound off on any bugs you’ve encountered during your games. While we will be primarily looking for bug reports, we are also interested in adding some quality-of-life improvements, so if you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to share,” said Valve in a blog post released on the eve of July 10. 

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