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In the last two days there have been two updates released for Dota 2, both dealing with and nerfing the latest heroes to hit the game; Snapfire and Void Spirit.

Outlanders has been a revolution in Dota 2, changing the way in which much of the game is played and many other aspects too but one of the biggest features most have been awaiting since The International 2019 was the two new heroes. Snapfire and Void Spirit joined when 7.23 went live and thus far as been an interesting journey. Initial responses on both heroes pinned the fourth spirit incarnation as extremely underwhelming, while there was (and still is) a barrage of love for the seemingly overpowered old lady that is Snapfire. But in updates on December 2nd and 3rd, both have been hit with the almighty “nerf hammer”.


As can be seen in the above image, taken from the Dota 2 website, Snapfire’s nerf is not a complete downsizing to the hero, but comes with a pretty decent buff to balance it out. The nerf side seems to focus mainly on Snapfire’s Lil’ Shredder ability – which many players have been maxing first to bolster the heroes attack kit. However, the buff comes to the Firesnap Cookie ability, which seems as an incentive for players to play her in a more supportive role. It’s unclear though whether this is the reasoning behind the changes, but it seems likely seeing as the hero’s damage was extremely potent.

Void Spirit

After initially being seen as underwhelming and many being unable to get the hang of the hero, Void Spirit quickly became the bane of Dota 2 players. His nerf has been heralded by many in the past two days as it drops his damage output a fair amount – not of the Astral Step ultimate, but rather Dissimilate and the damage talent on Resonant Pulse at level 15. The hero has now seen a buff in the first week of release followed by a nerf in the next – so it is likely that more tweaking will be coming his way.

What do you think of these buffs and nerfs; is it enough – and how has gameplay been with or against the two new heroes?

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