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Two flopped Drow Ranger strats from Ninjas in Pyjamas and the curse stays in place, remain undefeated against Peter “ppd” Dager.

NiP versus was the second semifinal of the upper bracket at the Kuala Lumpur Major. The two teams had over three days to prepare for today’s matchup and both came with somewhat fresh ideas for this series. Thankfully, we didn’t have to witness another Arc Warden massacre, however, VP did draft Terrorblade in the first game of the series, but they also had their own interpretation of lane winning supports and summoned a Sven for Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan.

VP had the better tools to win the team fights with Silencer and Enigma on their side, while NiP tried a Drow strat with a Windranger support and a vintage Adrian “Fata” Trinks Razor. Ideally, Windranger would have transitioned into a late game core with Razor being a good counter to VP’s mid lane Dragon Knight. But VP avoided the match up and sent Enigma in the mid lane to nullify that potential advantage. NiP won their first big team fight only at the 29-minute mark, when they performed a spectacular high ground defense in the bottom lane, but a few minutes later Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard was caught alone pushing the lane, got killed and without the buyback on him, VP were able to secure mega creeps and the game.

NiP opened the game two draft with the same two picks, Drow and Windranger and put Fata on a mid-lane Timbersaw, but in doing so they put Ace in a very hard position, having to lane against Axe who was constantly cutting the creep wave. Ace was once again underleveled and underfarmed and although Saksa and Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov were crushing the offlane, NiP were not strong enough to deal with the rest of the VP heroes. Unable to truly recover they lost the series 0-2 to a better coordinated and Team Secret are the two teams that will fight tomorrow in the upper bracket finals, while NiP will be entering the arena once more time today, to fight for their survival against TNC Predator.


Nisha’s Arc Warden Ensures Team Secret’s Dominance

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