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First day of the playoffs at the Leipzig Major meant the end of the road for four squads. After Chaos Esports Club and paiN Gaming bowed out, and Reality Rift followed suit in the last best-of-one games of the lower bracket.

Both Reality Rift and Virtus. pro landed in the lower bracket rounds from Group C, and unfortunately, none of them could survive for a little bit longer. The Southeast Asian team, at their first-ever Major, got knocked out by TNC, SEA region favorites, who were able to counter RR’s Slark game with a Phantom Lancer. The major debutant team had a fairly good laning stage, given the fact that they were not reliant on big cooldowns, and their Lina and Lich supports were always roaming around the map constantly, finding the right initiations. However, TNC  were not intimidated and played around their PL and Enigma, and past the 20 minute mark, they took full control of the game to avoid elimination.

In the last best-of-one game in Leipzig, versus Team Liquid, the CIS squad felt comfortable playing against the powerful Naga Siren-Disruptor combo, and chose to target Max “qojqva” Bröcker with their bans. VP’s plan was to counter the big combo with durable heroes that would be able to survive the initiations. They had Lifestealer and an interesting position five Enchantress and were able to win the safe lane with these two. VP’s durability scared Liquid to some degree, and although they were walking with five Aghanim’s Scepters in their inventories and even a Refresher Orb on the Disruptor, they were still reluctant to push the issue on the high ground. The game reached the 70 minute mark with an extremely tanky lineup that was able to hold onto their top lane of barracks. Liquid’s Storm Spirit and Naga Siren died back in that fight and opened the path for VP to end the game right there. With three heroes watching how VP were gunning at the throne, Liquid’s Tommy “Taiga” Le on Dark Willow and Samuel “Boxi” Svahn on Slardar managed to save the day and stopped the VP push when the Throne dropped at only 280 HP. were wiped by an Aghs-Hurricane Pike-Monkey King Bar-Moon Shard overfarmed Dark Willow and made the GG call at the 72 minute in an epic ending of the game and of the first day of the playoffs at the Leipzig Major.

Day two will bring to the spotlight Team Secret fighting against Fnatic, and the Dota 2 El Clasico Alliance vs Na’Vi in the upper bracket semi-finals, while in the lower bracket it will be Nigma fighting for survival against beastcoast and Invictus Gaming vs Team Aster.


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