No matches will join High Coast Esports in the Lower Division of Europe Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Regional League Season 2 as they end the first iteration of the competition with two victories and five defeats.

After starting the season with commending victories over OG and Team Nigma,’s DPC run went from bad to worse and even forced them to a roster adjustment for the last two weeks of the competition. Following the loss to Alliance on Week 5, they benched Tobias “Tobi” Buchner and brought Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann to stand-in in the offlane for the last two matches. Unfortunately, the change hasn’t yielded immediate results and last night they were pitted against Tundra Esports in a “do or die” match-up. started the series on the right foot, crushing Tundra with an offlane Tidehunter that became impossible to be taken down. Along with Dragon Knight, the Tidehunter served as the perfect front liner for Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan on Leshrac who dished out overwhelming amount of damage to start the series with a victory. Heading into the second game, Tundra matched’s desire to fight and rounded a strong team fight line-up with a support Gyrocopter which proved to be extremely annoying in the laning stage while also delivering a perfect combo with the Mars Arena of Blood.

The decider game featured a classic match-up Axe-Tusk. were the ones looking to execute an Axe-Invoker combo, but Tundra had the last pick of the draft and were allowed to have one of the most powerful saving kits against what were playing, namely Tusk’s Snowball. While they looked to be the aggressors, Vikin’gg ended up being hunted down from early stages by a mid-lane Earth Spirit coming from Tundra and an offlane Dark Seer surging around the map with a 17 minutes completed Guardian Greeves to keep his team in the Upper Division of Europe DPC League for Season 2.

While and High Coast Esports completed their run in the first season, the final round of matches will bring a tense race for the second, third and fourth places in the standings. Alliance, OG, Team Liquid and Team Nigma will fight starting this coming Tuesday, February 23, for the three slots up for grabs to the first Major of the year.

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