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ESL One Germany 2020’s playoffs continued with upper bracket action today with the remaining teams playing to determine who would be failing into the lower bracket of the event.

While yesterday we saw two long and hard-fought series that went to the full three-game distance, todays first series was the complete opposite as we saw a rather quick and decisive victories. The first two teams to fight would be and Alliance, with the latter being one of the favourites after securing a 3-0 passage into the playoffs through the group stage. However, today showed why they are such a dangerous squad in any situation as they stomped their opponents into the lower bracket.

Although both games of the series went to around 45-minutes, Alliance were only given the chance to secure a total of 20 kills over the entire series, as never even slightly looked like slowing down. The loss pushed Alliance down into the lower bracket where they will now have to take on OG in the first round of the elimination bracket tomorrow.

Following this we would see Team Liquid and mudgolems fight against one another, a replay of a group stage matchup which saw Liquid dominating. However, a magnificent game one from mudgolems proved their strength as they dismantled Liquid, securing a quick series lead, with Duško “BoraNija” Boranijaševic’s Storm Spirit going 18-1-15 through the game. Game two was far more interesting as it seemed to be heading towards another 2-0 victory for day two of ESL One Germany 2020 playoffs. But smart thinking from Liquid would see them find the perfect pick-off on the back of stealing an Aegis and pushed straight through to victory, ignoring mg’s heroes as they beat down the Ancient.

Although they made some great headway and some fantastic plays in evening out the series, Liquid were far too slow in executing their lineup in the final game of the day. While they built up a solid lead, by the time the 40-min mark came around, Liquid’s base was in shambles as mg secured the victory and took the series 2-1.

With that, Liquid would drop to the lower bracket of ESL One Germany 2020 where tomorrow they will have to play a series for their tournament lives against Team Nigma. It will be interesting to see just who survives the first round of eliminations, especially with some of the tournament favourites already facing an early exit from playoffs.

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