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There was one last series to be played today at the MDL Chengdu Major with Vici Gaming and Evil Geniuses fighting to secure themselves a guaranteed top 3 finish at the tournament and a fight against TNC Predator in the upper bracket finals.

After J.Storm were dropped into the lower bracket, EG were the North American stalwarts in the upper bracket and after ending Invictus Gaming’s winstreak, the team seemed to have found their footing in the Major. However, VG were considered as much favourites to take the entire tournament as TNC are and they would be one of the toughest opponents for the new EG roster to go up against.

Alchemist was the choice for Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev to carry the NA squad to an opening victory, but VG would have none of it. Surprisingly, EG would barely see a moment where they were ahead on the net worth as VG’s meticulous playstyle shut them down across the board. Even with an Enigma Black Hole and a Keeper of the Light Will-O-Wisp as part of their team-fighting repertoire, EG could never find an opening and VG marched into a series lead.

It was almost no contest in the early game period of the next game as VG were able to dominate at nearly every turn. EG were heavily on the back foot and it seemed as though it was all over for their upper bracket run, until VG made a fatal error. The Chinese squad uncharacteristically let their guard down and lost a huge fight before using every buyback and failing to play together once more. Off the back of this, EG found it easy to run down mid and tie the series.

Going into the final game, VG seemed slightly rattled after their throw and it looked to be an all-EG show. It took almost 20-minutes, but the Chinese team found their footing and took control of the game for an elongated period. Despite falling behind, EG were able to find some crucial fights to keep themselves in contention but in the end it was just not enough. VG would manage to center themselves and play their meticulous Dota 2 to force out the GG.

While Evil Geniuses played amazingly, forcing massive mistakes from VG, they will fall into the lower bracket. Vici Gaming book their spot in the top 3 of the MDL Chengdu Major and a massive upper bracket final showdown against TNC Predator. The Major now takes a break for one day before returning on Friday for the start of the main event.

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