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Under a week ago we had reports of a shake-up in the Vici Gaming roster – with their poor performance at the DreamLeague Season 11 qualifiers, the team decided to move a few players around. However, as of today, Vici have given up on this and moved back to their original lineup.

Vici’s roster change would see Zhou ‘Yang’ Haiyang move from the offlane position to the position 4 role while as found out through a post from Pan ‘Fade’ Yi, he would be the player removed from the squad. The team went into the still-ongoing StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor China Qualifiers with Sun ‘Agressif’ Zheng on their squad, hoping to make an impact and reach the Minor. The team were unsuccessful n their opening series and with elimination on the line, they have made a big decision.

Announced on Weibo a short time ago, Vici Gaming have decided to revert back to their original team, bringing Fade back into the squad, moving Yang back to position 3 and removing the unsuccessful Agressif. The team will face off against Open Qualifier victors Room310 in just a few hours and if they find success in that, will have to fight Team Aster again – so it is clear that they are pinning their hopes for a Minor spot on their original squad.

> For today’s match against Room310, Yang will be back as offlane and Fade will be back as position 4.

We will see in just a few hours whether this reversion back to their original line-up will give Vici Gaming a smooth path into the Minor, or if their demise was already set-in-stone when Team Aster beat them in the opening series.

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