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China’s best team of the moment, Vici Gaming took on the finest North American squad, Evil Geniuses in Leipzig for a spot into the Major finals.

Although anticipated to be a hard fought series, the battle between these two was a rather one-sided affair. EG got outdrafted in game one and ran over in the laning stage by a stronger support duo from VG, who managed to shut down all the lanes and take advantage of their early lead. They forced EG to an early five man Dota with superior team fight tools coming from a carry Magnus and an Outworld Devourer and an offlane Omniknight. EG’s Invoker and Slark were given no time to farm, and so the game ended with just 5 kills for the Evil boys to 27 of VG.

Moving into the next game, EG insisted with Slark for Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, but also tried to secure the late game scenario with a mid lane Arc Warden, only to once again lose the laning stage due to a perfectly played Drow-Lich-Doom defensive trilane from VG. The nethworth advantage started to go into their favor from minute ten and not even a cheeky Aegis steal from Andreas Franck “Cr1t-” Nielsen couldn’t distract Vici Gaming from their plan.  

Watch RERUN: TNC Predator vs Nigma – Game 1 – DreamLeague Season 13 – The Leipzig Major from DreamLeague on

Vici Gaming will now head into an off day, until they will step onto the DreamLeague Season 13 Major main event stage of the Leipziger Messe. In the meantime, Evil Geniuses will return tomorrow, January 24, for a battle for survival in the lower bracket against the losers between Team Secret and Alliance, who are battling in the second upper bracket semi final.

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