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Two more teams would be eliminated today at the DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2 as both Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD have their final series at the event.

Today at DPL-CDA Pro League Season 2 we saw a total of three series, all of which ended in clean 2-0 sweeps – and two of which resulted in elimination for the losing squad. In the Upper Bracket final, EHOME were as strong as we’ve seen them but in the Lower Bracket, it was PSG.LGD who were the first to strike as they sent Vici Gaming packing from the event. It only took two of the three games, one of which was an absolute stomp in under 20-minutes, setting LGD up for a series against Invictus Gaming.

After their brilliant win and all-round lower bracket performance, LGD were easily considered the favourites to move on into tomorrow’s lower bracket final, especially after destroying VG. But iG were no easy conquest, having also made a magnificent run in the lower bracket so far. Game one of the series saw the iG squad prove their strength as they pummeled LGD into the ground in a little over half an hour, dominating them across the map and giving them no chance of a comeback.

While LGD seemed to look a lot better in game two, they gave away a crucial hero which turned out to be a massive mistake – Zhou ‘Emo’ Yi’s Storm Spirit. Although LGD played far better and even seemed to have the edge at some points during the game, one fight ended the series, forcing the GG call from squad and ending their tournament lives.

With that, iG will move on to the top three of the DPL-CDA Pro League Season 2, leaving LGD to finish in fourth place and VG to finish in fifth/sixth. Tomorrow we will see iG face off against Team Aster to open the day as both teams will be fighting for a spot in the grand finals against EHOME.

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