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Another year, another top eight finish for Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok. Last year in Seattle, Reso reached top eight at TI7 from a stand-in status. This year he joined VGJ.Storm just three months ago, in April, and with him in the carry position the NA team became one of the most feared from their region.

Storm qualified for TI8 via open brackets, took the first spot in the closed qualifiers, finished first in Group B once the group stage started in Vancouver, but an intricate coach drama forced them to enter the main event with draft penalty and without a coach in the booth. They were immediately knocked down in the loser’s bracket by OG and although they took a very convincing victory over Winstrike yesterday, they choked against Team Secret today.

In game one Storm ignored Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard’s Meepo, a mistake which was swiftly punished with Secret’s last pick. Meepo was sent in the offlane and by the 12 minute mark he already had Blink Dagger, followed by a fast Manta and a full Ethereal Blade just 23 minutes in. Without any strong counter for Meepo and with all three cores of Storm not catching a break, the game was over in about 30 minutes with a 20K gold lead in Secret’s favour.

Game two was more disputed as both teams had late game carry heroes, Secret with Ace on Terror Blade and Storm with Resolut1on on Medusa. However, Secret’s draft was clearly superior, with a very good initiating tool in Vengeful Spirit and an efficient disengage option in Silencer, Storm were forced most of the times to fight with a positioning disadvantage.

Even so, the game was dragged in the late game stage, but as the NA team could only push as five, Secret found the opportunities to take tier three towers with their Clinkz split pushing while the other four heroes were able to defend the high ground. Eventually VGJ.Storm’s base went down and with it, their adventure at TI8 came to an end.

Day four of The International 2018 will end with yet another electrifying elimination series between Evil Geniuses and


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