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In a new update, Valve has removed the Artifact promotional assets that sat beside the Dota 2 fountain to advertise the card game. Imps Lux and Nox, as well as the signature three-lane board of Artifact are now gone.

The assets were put in the game to signal Artifact’s arrival and promote its Steam page. Upon clicking on the assets, a pop up would appear with Artifact’s launch date and a “Learn more” link.

promo assets artifact dota 2

To many, this came as a sign that Valve is abandoning Artifact, after the game launched to plummeting numbers and a massive player outflow that has now reached 99%. With only a few patches and radio silence from the develop, the community has little good news to build its hopes upon.

The more likely conclusion, however, is that the promo assets are simply outdated. Artifact has been out for three months now so an ad for its launch makes no sense anymore. Even if Valve had hoped that the imps would divert some Dota 2 players to try Artifact, that’s just not the case, as the game is still on a downward trend. At the same time, players on lower-end PCs have complained that these promo assets are hurting performance, not to mention the pop-up that annoying appears when you click the Artifact board by mistake.

What Valve’s plans are for Artifact is anyone’s guess at this point. A few days ago, Artifact streamer and pro player Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy tweeted, that he’s visited Seattle, where Valve’s HQ resides, and that he’s “not giving up hope for Artifact’s future.” Valve themselves are yet to comment on the state of the game or their future plans and the official Artifact Twitter has been silent for two months now.

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