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In a surprise announcement, Valve has disqualified ‘test 123’, the team comprising of most of the ex-Pain X members who separated from the organization a few weeks ago. The team, which was four members from Pain X and a new member, Kitrak instead of 4dr, were directly invited for the South American regional qualifiers of the Chongqing Major. However, in a blog post released today, Valve announced their disqualification based on the fact that the team were not stationed in South America and were only traveling there for the sake of the qualifiers.  The slot has been filled up by the Peruvian team Thunder Predator, who finished third in the qualifiers.

The investigation was probably triggered when Peter ‘PPD’ Dager made a TwitLonger post regarding the SA slots for the Major. In that, PPD mentioned that his team had asked Valve for permission regarding participation in the qualifiers through the SA region, which was denied to them. The exact same thing was done by CCnC and co. and upon looking into the matter, Valve decided to disqualify them.

The decision is understandable. If you look at the test 123 roster, there is just one South American player in there with the rest of them being North American. As Valve mentioned in their blog post, the team doesn’t even reside in South America meaning it does not scrim with any of the local teams and in no way contributes to the development of the region. However, if that was the case, why did they receive a direct invite for the qualifiers from, guess who, Valve?! This issue should have been tackled before hand. What the ex-Pain X roster did was incorrect. However, disqualifying them after the qualifiers have already taken place seems like Valve trying to fix a wrong with a wrong.

The test 123 roster (taken from Liquipedia Dota 2)

The Dota 2 scene has been marred with racism issue and Skem and Kuku being banned from the Chongqing Major. With that matter still hanging in the balance, there is a new controversy up and running. Hopefully, Valve can make sure clearer rules can be set for the remaining Major qualifiers. As for the ex-Pain X roster, they will have to try their luck in an attempt to qualify for the PGL Bucharest Minor.

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