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It almost feels like the entire Universe is conspiring these days against EHOME. The team is supposed to start their MDL Macau 2019 run, an event where they chose to go at over ESL One Katowice, but they are now down to three players just hours before their first match.


[UPDATE] Mars Media, the organizers of MDL Macau 2019 officially apologized to EHOME for the injury suffered by Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida during the photo-shoot session for the event. According to Mars Media, Faith_bian was “quickly hospitalized in Macau, and will fly back to Shanghai where he will receive further medical care”

Mars Media’s official apology:

“It’s with regrets that we announce that EHOME’s offlaner, Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida has been hospitalized following an injury suffered during the photoshoot of MDL Macau, and will therefore not participate at the event.

Former Wings Gaming player, Faith_bian, will sadly miss out on MDL Macau after suffering a serious injury during the photoshoot session which happened in the afternoon of February 19th. Zhang was quickly hospitalized in Macau, and will fly back to Shanghai where he will receive further medial cares.

We sincerely apologize to Zhang Ruida for the injury caused due to attending our photoshoot, but also to EHOME and all the fans. We wish him a speedy recovery, and hope to see him back at events very soon.”



“I guess I can’t handle MDL anymore. Kappa” posted EHOME’s coach on his Weibo account today. Zhang “xiao8” Ning decided to step in for his team at least for the group stage matches after EHOME found out that Li “ASD” Zhiwen passport will arrive late “due to a Hong Kong and Macau Passport delivery issue.”

ASD’s issue was announced just two days ago and today Xiao8 revealed that Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida will also not be able to play because he is hospitalized due to a shoulder dislocation.

EHOME were just finding their groove these past few months. The team was put together in the post TI8 shuffle and after a slow start in the current Dota pro Circuit season, they continued to improve. In mid-January, they won the Bucharest Minor to redeem themselves from losing the Chongqing Major qualifiers. They placed top six in China last month, which was more than a decent result, and proceeded to claim a slot at the third Major of the season which will be hosted by DreamLeague in Sweden from 14 to 24th of March. Although there is a whole month before the event, EHOME have been already informed that paperwork for their carry Luo “eGo” Bin might take longer than expected because he is underage and needs additional documents for the Sweden visa. Xiao8 posted last week a call for help on Weibo asking for anyone who could give a solution in speeding up the process.

In the meantime, EHOME have also qualified for both ESL One Katowice and MDL Macau 2019, events which run almost simultaneously and therefore, the team chose to play in the tournament which won’t force them to another long travel and a time zone change. While ESL One Katowice started today, MDL is set to commence tomorrow, January 20 and EHOME are supposed to play in the opening match. With less than 10 hours to go, they will now have to find a very fast solution for Faith_bian.  No official replacement has been announced just yet. Stay tuned for further updates on the matter.

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