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On August 8, Valve released a minor balance patch for Underlords, while saying that this is how the game is going to be updated “for the next few weeks”. After this period of minor tweaks, the dev team will ship the next big patch.

“The majority of the Underlords team is currently focused on our next big update, so for the next few weeks our weekly updates will be all about bug fixing and small balance tweaks updates like this one.”

This small patch addresses a few Alliances and units, most notably Terrorblade. Before the latest patch, TB would get double the +50% pure damage bonus from the (2) Demon Hunter bonus, being both a Demon and DH. Now, he will only get one set of bonus pure damage, which should tone down his carry potential.

That said, Demon Hunters are likely to remain a TIER S strategy. The August 1 update which removed Alliance items from the game, gave the DH Alliance the effect of the Strange Bedfellows global — the item that made Demon strats possible in the first place. Although TB’s power will be taken down a bit, that’s still a lot of pure damage dished out by high DPS Demons like Queen of Pain and Shadow Fiend.

The other updates include small buff to (3) and (6) Hunter bonuses, giving a bit higher chance to proc the extra attack; and a small buff to Lycan, who will now heal for 30% of its max health when transforming into a wolf, instead of 30% of the current health.

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