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Valve released a “vintage” treasure which contains 22 item sets that are no longer featured in the Dota 2 store. The treasure is available only until Monday, November 11.

Treasure of the Timeless Rite comes at the price of $1.99, but despite being a rather cheap chest, the community isn’t thrilled about it as most of the sets can be purchased for a few cents on the market.

Item sets featured in the Treasure of the Timeless Rite

  • Omen’s Embrace (Vengeful Spirit)
  • Chimera’s Rage (Beastmaster)
  • Splendor of the Protean Emperor (Morphling)
  • Cry of the Battlehawk (Sven)
  • Raikage Warrior (Storm Spirit)
  • Molten Destructor (Timbersaw)
  • Herald of Measureless Ruin (Outworld Devourer)
  • Volatile Majesty (invoker)
  • Twilight’s Rest (Witch Doctor)
  • Gifted Jester (Rubick)
  • Scavenger of the Basilisk (Pudge)
  • Roving Pathfinder (Windranger)
  • Procession of the Partisan Guard (Naga Siren)
  • Hunter’s Glory (Bounty Hunter)
  • Atrocities of the Abyssal Scourge (Underlord)
  • Torment of the Chainbreaker (Lifestealer)
  • The Frostborne Wayfarer (Drow Ranger)
  • Jiang Shi’s Revenge (Lich)
  • Complete Ethereal Monarch (Puck – very rare)
  • Complete Province of the Psion Inquisitor (Templar Assassin – very rare)
  • Complete Dark Moon Stalker (Luna – extremely rare)
  • Complete Vigilance of the Manticore (Skkywrath Mage – extremely rare)

Given the fact that the escalating odds for the extremely rare sets start at 1:20000 and lower to 1:21 at the 16th chest opened, the Treasure of the Timeless Rite release is a bit confusing for the community as for example, the Skywrath set is available on the Steam market for about 5 dollars while the infused wings slot item can be purchased for about 30 cents.

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