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Some of the world’s best eSports players hail from Canada. But who are the best? Here is a look at the current top six.

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6. MoonMeander

David Tan, who is better known as MoonMeander, has earned total prize money of $879,720 over seventy-eight tournaments. He plays Dota 2 for CR4ZY. The Vancouver-based man began his eSports career when he started ranking well for Heroes of Newerth. Since he changed to Dota 2, Tan has helped his team to take an incredible twelve first-place tournament showings. MoonMeander is a popular character not only for his game playing abilities but also for the dances and pushups he does during live streams. MoonMeander is undoubtedly on his way to becoming one of Canada’s biggest eSport’s stars. Do you have what it takes to become the next star of eSports? If so, you might like to try your hand at casino games like poker as much as video games like Dota 2 and CS:GO. Why? Well, games like poker could soon be a part of the eSports scene. You can read more about that here. Also, see what you can try at this online casino in terms of different games that have the potential to become eSports of the future.

5. EternaLEnVy

EternaLEnVy has become well-known in the eSports community for his colorfulness and controversies. He was banned by Dota 2 from normal competitive matchmaking and then just as he returned by joining Cloud9, the team announced it was dropping its Dota 2 team. Things continue to be up and down with EternaLEnVy, whose real name is Jacky Mao, but he is still the fifth-highest-ranker in Canadian eSports players, and he is still within the top one hundred players in the world. He has so far earned total prize money of $991,872.69 from one hundred and nine tournaments.

4. NAF

Under the name of NAF, Keith Markovic has played for the Canadian national team and currently plays for Team Liquid. In the past, he has also had stints with OpTic, Renegades, and Luminosity. The CS:GO pro from Vancouver has earned a total of $1,041,615 from playing one hundred and twenty-one tournaments. So, it seems as though NAF is not nutty at all, despite his moniker standing for “Nutty As F***.”

3. Zayt

Hailing from Quebec, Williams Aubin, A.K.A. Zayt, plays Fortnite with NRG eSports North America. He has qualified for the World Cup four times and is an ESL Katowice and Duo FNCS winner. From just sixty-one tournaments, Zayt has earned $1,201,381 in prize money. He is also a popular character on Twitch. Zayt has over 165,000 followers on the platform.

2. Aui_2000

With a total of $2,006,311 in prize money, Aui_2000, whose real name is Kurtis Ling, is the second highest-earning eSports contender from Canada. But in 2018, he was the highest-earning eSports player in the world. He plays Dota 2 with the team CR4ZY. When he dropped out of university to play Dota 2, it is doubtful that his parents were happy about it. But he seems to have proved that he made the right decision. Aui_2000 has played for a few different teams over the years, including Evil Geniuses. But he was kicked off the Evil Geniuses not once, but twice; for unclear reasons.

1. Arteezy

Artour Babaev, who plays under the name of Arteezy, is unquestionably Canada’s best eSports player right now. He plays Dota 2 for the team Evil Geniuses. Arteezy surely is not evil, but he most certainly seems to be a genius when it comes to racking up wins with Dota 2. From one hundred and five tournaments, Arteezy has won total prize money of $2,308,653. The Vancouverite has become one of the most popular and respected streamers in the eSports community. He has over 580,000 followers on Twitch.

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