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TNC Predator eliminated Vici Gaming from the Kuala Lumpur Major to secure for themselves an appearance on the grand stage this weekend at the Axiata Arena.

TNC vs VG was an exciting series to kick off the fourth day in the Kuala Lumpur Major playoffs. Both teams drafted new heroes in a meta that lasted for over three months now. TNC gave it a go to Lycan in game one, trying to impose a fast tempo against VG’s Arc Warden plus Shadow Shaman pushing line-up. They managed to maintain the gold and experience advantage for over 30 minutes as their Lycan had a 7-minute completed Helm of the Dominator and level 3 Necro units ready by the 20 minute-mark. TNC took down towers early and secured the first two Roshan kills of the game, which put them at a clear advantage, but they weren’t strong enough to push the high ground as five while their split push was also weaker compared to VG’s Arc Warden. VG made sure that they claim the third Roshan spawn and after they grabbed the Aegis, Cheese, and the Refresher Shard, they had no issues making just one high ground assault in the TNC base to force out the GG call.

VG felt confident to experiment a bit in the second game draft and they went with Lifestealer and Dark Willow, two extremely uncommon picks these days, while TNC lined up simple combos, with the late game rested on Spectre’s shoulders. The laning stage was rough for them, especially for Carlo “Kuku” Palad who was crushed on his offlane Earthshaker. He died five times in the first eight minutes of the game, which delayed his Blink Dagger by a lot and prevented him from rotating in other lanes. But while he was having a miserable time bottom, TNC’s Spectre was doing just fine in the top lane and rushed Radiance.  Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte had a nearly perfect game on Spectre, dying just once, but the big plays came exactly from the under farmed Earthshaker who at the 39-minute mark landed a devastating Echo Slam to push the series into a decisive game three.

With elimination on the line, VG decided to draft four melee heroes and a mid-lane Death Prophet and focused on banning the meta hot picks like Terrorblade, Tiny, Centaur and Monkey King. But they didn’t see the Faceless Void pick coming from TNC, paired with a support Elder Titan and a Phoenix egg. Although the game was close to one hour due to TNC being forced to play around their cool-downs, they were always in the in the lead, controlling VG for the entire game, which lead to their victory over the Chinese squad, who are now out of contention at the Kuala Lumpur Major.

VG being eliminated now also means that China has just one team left to fight for the title. PSG.LGD are in the upper bracket semi-finals along with Team Secret, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.


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