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TNC lost 3 out of 4 matches played against Geek Fam and Reality Rift. Both the series were Best of two and this has placed TNC under a major risk of failing to qualify for Dream League 13. Read the article to know what happened in those matches and how close is TNC to qualify.

All the three games that TNC lost:

Game 2: Picks and Bans

Geek Fam surprised TNC when they last picked Razor as TNC might have expected Dragon Knight would be played at the middle lane. Outworld Devourer lost the mid lane against Razor and Geek Fam’s pushing lineup helped them end the game as early as possible.

Game 1: Picks and Bans

TNC had a good early game in which they were able to shut down Meepo but Reality Rift secured their victory when they spotted TNC while they were trying to gank them. In that moment Reality Rift were hitting TNC’s tier 2 top tower and TNC decided to gank via jungle under Mirana’s Moonlight Shadow. Apparently this gank route is common and most of the teams are prepared to counter this. Meepo’s Earthbind ability was easily successful in disabling Morphling as he didn’t have a BKB and TNC didn’t have enough AOE damage against Meepo to turn the game around.

Game 2: Picks and Bans

TNC were smart to ban Meepo in this game but they decided to run Drow Ranger’s range synergy combo which isn’t that strong in the new patch. Drow doesn’t provide the global range advantage hence he has to be close to his teammates whenever they need the bonus but it’s difficult. So in this patch if a team gives up durability and mobility for right click attack power then they will be at a big disadvantage. This is exactly what happened, Reality Rift had a lot more mobility and durability meanwhile Troll Warlord’s ultimate Battle Trance, provided lots of right click power anyway. This game was lost due to a huge draft disadvantage.

The new patch effect on TNC:

TNC’s recent busy schedule hasn’t allowed them to get a good rest and in the meanwhile, the new patch requires a lot of attention. TNC also doesn’t have a coach or analyst that can help in analyzing faster. TNC’s captain March has to practice on pubs to practically understand gank routes, timing, positioning, juking spots, ward spots, new items, hero buffs and hero nerfs which leaves him no time to study opponent’s favourite picks and prepare to out-draft them. TNC needs to bring their best game in the second day of this closed qualifiers otherwise they will not qualify for the LAN event.

How close is TNC to be eliminated:

Group A Scene

Each team gets to play 4 Bo2 series’s and max points they can secure are 8. Any team that secures 6 points is most likely to get qualified to face group B in the next stage. First of all, TNC must win all the 4 matches today to secure 5 points. If Reality Rift wins 2 out of 4 matches and Geek Fam wins 3 out of 4 matches then TNC will be directly eliminated even if they win all the 4 matches. If either of those teams win 1 less match then they will be forced to play a tie-breaker against TNC. It’s a tough road ahead for TNC in this qualifiers but they can still be directly invited as they have high DPC points.

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