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Right after they lifted the trophy at MDL Chengdu major, TNC Predator attended a press conference at the venue where they answered several questions.


Congratulations on winning the Major, how are you feeling right now?

March: Happy, exhausted, and I’m waiting for the new patch.

To Kpii: After losing to VG in the upper bracket finals, what adjustments did you make to reset your form and come back in the grand finals?

It was March, he changed the draft a bit and he was the one who carried us towards victory.

To Armel: A lot of people in the community are saying that TNC is the “Chinese Slayer” after beating VG in the grand finals, do you feel this title is legit?

Personally, I don’t have much to say about this, but for today, I think we did what the title says.

To Gabbi: Congrats on winning the MVP. Do you think part of the reason that you did so well today was that VG didn’t focus you enough in the drafting?

I don’t think it was because of the draft, it’s just my team protected me so well and they always manage to create a ton of space for me to farm, so a big thank you to them.

To kpii: You’ve mentioned in a previous interview that the whole team will fly back home directly after the tournament. Now with the champion title under your belt, will you consider staying a bit longer to have fun and celebrate?

No, we will have Major qualifiers coming up, and after that, we will take a short break and fly to Singapore. This win doesn’t make us rest more or something like that.

To March: It looked pretty tough for you guys in game 4, but you held strong and managed to pull off this amazing comeback with your ES-Morphling and Naga-Disruptor combos. What was the mindset of the team when you were behind?

Even though the numbers say that we were losing, that doesn’t mean too much with the draft we had. We’ve played the ES-Morphling combo a lot of times and we’ve encountered situations like that many times. We knew we would win and we were confident about that. However, there were places where we made a bit too many mistakes and VG played better.

To Kpii: Disruptor-Naga combo is something you’ve been playing since you were on Newbee, and now you won a Major with this combo. What’s your take on the current state of this strat?

It’s still very strong, but the old Naga is a bit different from the Naga today. The old one was more played in the carry position, while the Naga now is more like a utility offlane hero. But I think it’s still a very strong combo.

To March: The top 4 teams at TI9 didn’t attend this Major, as a newly crowned Major winner, is there anything you want to say to those big boys?

I think they are really good teams, and I want to thank them for their decision of skipping the first Major, it made it easier for us to win.

To March: You bring home another Major trophy for SEA region, what does it mean to you and to the whole region?

I moved to SEA from another region because I believe that this region is very strong. There are a lot of strong teams like Adroit, Fnatic and BOOM ID. You can expect these teams to be a stronger force in the upcoming tournaments.

To Kpii: It was the last Major of this patch, do you really like this patch? It’s been lasting for about 6 months, and as position 3 you always need to make some team items, as well as creating some space on the map. So, do you like this patch?

Yeah, I like it really. If we keep winning, then I’ll just play the patch for the rest of my life. If we start losing, I’ll feel like it’s a bit stale.

To Tims: We saw a lot of fans who stayed next to the stage cheering for you. Anything you want to shoutout to those Chinese fans?

Thank you for all the Chinese fans that supported us and cheered for us. Hope you guys enjoyed the tournament.

Interviews from MDL Chengdu Major:

33: “I think Europe should get even 4 slots with the third Major”

Ghostik: “You can always learn from your loss if you accept it”

Armel: “It’s really hard to make a case for SEA to keep the 3 qualifiers slots”

Dy: “This year, rOtk has given us an order“

Boxi: “I actually hope to go at least top 4”

K1: “I think we are a rather unique team for Peru”

Abed: “I want to see Ranked Roles gone with 7.23”

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