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It’s a full elimination day at the Kuala Lumpur Major and first to be sent home are Alliance who fell 0-2 to TNC Predator.

The Filipino team began the series with an interesting pushing strategy meant to crush the laning stage. For that, they employed a core Shadow Shaman played by Carlo “Kuku” Palad in the offlane and a mid –lane Lina for Paul “Armel” Tabios. Their draft had a plethora of stuns and not only they were superior in the laning stage but also had all the control in team fights to take the first game victory despite their core SS falling off in the late game.

Game two was somewhat weird from the drafting stage to the very end of it. Alliance had Ursa, Mirana and Venom on their side while TNC had Templar Assassin and Timbersaw, which perhaps confused a bit the Europeans. They chose to send Ursa in the mid-lane versus TA while he could have been far more efficient safe lane versus Timber. Any other core of theirs would have been better against TA, yet Venom was offlane and Mirana was farming bottom. Alliance lost all the lanes, Ursa managed to stay in the bottom 4 on the networth chart for the entire game while TNC were capable to outmaneuver their opponents, out farm them and ultimately crush Alliance to advance to another round in the elimination matches at the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Three more teams will be eliminated today from the Major. Up next is the Vici Gaming vs paiN X series, followed by Fnatic vs J.Storm, with the very last series of the day being one of the most exciting matchup as the Hassan brothers, SumaiL and Yawar, will go head to head for survival.


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