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Elimination was the name of the game today at the EPICENTER Major as three teams would see their tournament lives ended. TNC Predator, PSG.LGD, Alliance and were the four at risk of leaving the event – one would remain to face Team Liquid in the lower bracket finals tomorrow.

Opening the day would be TNC Predator taking on PSG.LGD, in what was expected to be an easy win for the TI8 runners up. However, as usual, the Southeast Asian squad were more than up to the challenge as they ripped through the Chinese squad in two games. TNC gave LGD absolutely no chance and moved on to fight again later in the day.

Alliance were next up on the battlefield and after they secured their spot at TI9, they would be on a high – but their opponents were home-town-heroes, While they were under less pressure, Alliance could not keep up with the might of VP who ran rings around the up-and-coming squad and took a quick 2-0 victory to set up a meeting with TNC.

TNC Predator versus – two teams already locked in for The International 2019, one looking to become the first SEA Major winner of the season and the other looking to claim another Major victory. The series kicked off with VP taking an easy win as they rolled over their opponents in under 30 minutes. TNC were only able to claim nine kills throughout the game and were just unable to find any opening to fight back at all.

The second game of the series was an intense brawl as TNC held on for their tournament lives and VP attempted to boost themselves into the lower bracket finals. Both teams threw everything that they had at one another for over an hour and while TNC held a solid lead for the early to mid-game, VP excelled in the latter stages as things became extremely tense. TNC just did not have the damage to get through their opponent’s and after an amazing Major run, the SEA squad would head home. now move on to fight Team Liquid for a spot in the EPICENTER Major grand finals tomorrow where Vici Gaming await their challenger.

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