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The International 2019, like all TIs before it, will have the highest prize pool in the history of not just The International championships, but any esport! The day has finally arrived when the tireless spendings of Battle Pass owners have taken the TI9 prize pool over that of the TI8 prize pool, which was $25,532,177 USD.

This is insane in itself, but what is even more startling is the fact that the TI9 prize pool got to this stage in HALF the number of days of the TI8 prize pool! What TI8 had achieved in 110 days, TI9 achieved in a mere 55 days.

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The Weekend Bundle was released on the 26th of June and since then, there has been a massive spike in the prize pool. Till before the release of the Weekend Bundle, the TI9 prize pool was higher than its predecessors, but not as high as it is now. The prizepool increased by approximately $6 million in 5 days! A lot of it is because of the option to buy the second Weekend Bundle, which, there is a good chance, will be something done regularly from next year.

The crossing of the prizepool guarantees every TI9 Battle Pass owner 10 Battle Pass levels. Even though the prize pool has crossed last year’s mark, a lot of things are yet to be released. The special event ‘The Wrath of Moro’Kai’, Immortal Treasures II and III, the Invoker persona and the Tiny prestige item are still in the shadows. Valve did announce that the special event and Immortal Treasure II will be released somethime this week, so there is that to look forward to. At the rate at which this is going, TI9 is in line to be the first TI with a prize pool of over $30 million USD!

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