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The International 2019 might be over, but we don’t want you to feel the void after the biggest tournament of the year has ended! The season might be over, but there is a lot to look back to. With that in mind, we invite you to relive day 1 of the TI9 Main Event through VPEsports’ Yuhui Zhu’s Vlog!

Stay tuned for more content from The International 2019 and for the latest news about the post TI9 shuffle.

Topson“It’s been rough at times, we had motivation issues, I won’t lie, it’s been hard”
Bulba“Nisha and Zai are two of the best players of the year”
“Second place in the group doesn’t mean we will also do well in the main event”
Stinger“The hardest match-up was with”
Nikobaby“I set this goal for myself four years ago”
9pasha“I think we should have approached this tournament like it’s another Major, not TI”
Kaka“Infamous is a team with huge potential”
Armel“We only hope that the incident is in the past already for everyone”
CCnC: “OG are a super fun team to play with”
“We are hungry for success […] after all, we have 0% playoffs win rate”
rOtk:“Playing at TI is a mind opening experience”
Mag“We are no strangers to the lower bracket”
Maybe“Playing against is fun”
w33“Positions don’t exist anymore, they’re just heroes now”
RNG“Before we played, we were expecting top 6 or top 8”
TI9 Media Day Vlog

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