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The International, Dota’s most important annual tournament is held this year for the first time ever in China. The proverbial belief that China wins the Aegis of Champions on the even numerical years while Western teams claim the trophy on the odd years has been already killed in 2018 when OG took the title after a thrilling grand final against PSG.LGD.

Chinese teams are preparing to not let that happen again. TI9 is held on Chinese soil and a championship title for any of the Chinese teams attending the tournament, but especially for PSG.LGD who were so close to a TI title last year is extremely important. Pride, long term investments, insanely long hours of training, a dream built through many years of dedication, these would all pay off if the Aegis stays in China. We are one month away from The International 2019, time when most of the participating enter the final bootcamp of the season.  BBKing, a Chinese film director who focuses his work on short esports documentaries, shared on his Weibo page the PSG.LGD Gaming bootcamp rules displayed on a board in the team’s training facility.

1. Training days: Monday to Saturday Sundays are days off

2. During the bootcamp, players will need to turn in their mobile phones and delete all messaging and social media apps on their computers. Each player can use their mobile phone for up to 30 minutes per day during training days (Subject to approval by coaches). Players can take back their mobile phones on Sunday. Unauthorized mobile phone or chatting app usage will be subject to a 3000 RMB (~$435) fine each time.

3. During training days, players will need to be in place before 13:00. Activities unrelated to training are not allowed. Players who violate this rule will be subject to a 1000 RMB (~$145) fine each time.

4. Smoking is prohibited in the training room.

5. Training summary will be held on every Saturday.

The International 2019 will kick off on the 15th of August 2019 in Shanghai China with the group stage matches. The main event will be held in the Mercedes-Benz Arena August 20 to 25th. The prize pool is set to register another esports record as it has already surpassed the 29 million dollars mark.

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