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The International 2019 Battle Pass is no longer available in-game and with it are gone all its features. Chat Wheel sounds, sprays, banners, high fives, shovels, balloons, teleport effects, MVP vote, coaching challenge, avoid player and the assistant tool have vanished from the daily games. 

However, in a short announcement on Twitter and Facebook, Valve promises to bring some of the features back by implementing them in Dota Plus “in a few weeks.”

Dota Plus is an in-game paid tool and if we are to read Valve’s post correctly, the say that they will bring back only “some of the assistant features.” For those who haven’t paid too much attention to which were the assistant features in the TI9 Battle Pass, here is the full list:

Friends and foes: 

Assistant feature

Aimed at the Dota 2 newcomers and super casual players, this is a super friendly tool to teach the players the most basic counters and the best allied heroes that would work well with what is already picked by your teammates. 

Camp stacking:

Assistant feature

Also a good tool for those who are at their first Dota 2 games, the camp stacking assistant tool is not only giving a visual representation of the perimeter where the camp creeps have to go in order for a new stack of creeps to spawn, but it also teaches the players the timing for when the camp has to be pulled. 

Ward suggester:

Assistant feature

Good for those who don’t realize the difference between high and low ground, the ward suggester tool helps the players to learn the warding most common places.

Damage summary:

Assistant feature

The damage summary tool was perhaps the best featured added in this year’s Battle Pass. It’s also extremely useful for newcomers to learn extremely fast what type of damage their foes have and make an item build in accordance. 

Lastly, the fifth tool of the TI9 Battle Pass Assistant feature was a customizable chat wheel option where the players could add emoticons to their pre-made messages. This is perhaps the least likely to be added to Dota Plus, but all other four features are strong candidates to return to the game in the next few weeks.

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