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I got the chance to talk with PSG.LGD’s Malaysian sensation, xNova, who also happens to be a good friend of mine. xNova spoke about his first TI experience and how the current meta is treating his team after a successful season.

First TI for you xNova! How does it feel? Are you emotional?

I am excited to be here at my first TI and I’m hoping we can achieve some great things here in Vancouver.


I’m sure you can, PSG.LGD has already shown it this season. You got the third place in your group. Would have preferred one or two I’m guessing. What went wrong?

When we lost a game in the first series against OG, we had a small conflict in the team with regards to the drafting. After the second game, we had a discussion and came to a consensus on how we should be picking to have a better game.


Talk to me about your opinion on the meta that has developed in the TI 8 group stages. Heroes like Clinkz and Wraith King that were not picked through the year are being picked in every other game. Why is that?

Before coming to Vancouver for The International 2018, we had a lot of scrims. In that, we realized that Wraith King is one of the strongest heroes right now. He’s very versatile, can be picked for a number of different positions and is also strong in the laning stage. It is similar thing for Clinkz, he is really strong after the buffs.


Is this meta suitable for PSG.LGD?

I wouldn’t say that the meta is suitable for us. There is a lot of focus on the laning stage and in a lot of the games, we lost the lanes.


“I wouldn’t say that the meta is suitable for us”


PSG.LGD are surely one of the strongest contenders for TI 8. What other teams, excluding VP and Liquid, do you think have a chance? Do you think EG and VGJ.Storm have the potential to do it?

I wasn’t expecting both those teams to do so well. But they have shown they have something working for them and can be strong contenders.





You will be playing Virtus Pro in the first game of the main event. Would you prefer to have strong teams from early on or is it better to have easier games initially?

On the last day of the group stage, we kind of knew from the morning we would be facing on the main stage. They are tough opponents, but I am excited to play against them.


“On the last day of the group stage, we kind of knew from the morning we would be facing”


Let’s travel to the past. How did xNova start playing Dota? Who introduced you to the game?

My brother used to play Dota a lot. It was because of him that I was introduced to the game.


And where does the name ‘xNova’ come from?

‘Nova’ is a science term related to stars. I believe it means explosion of a star. The ‘x’ was added before it because it sounds kind of cool!


It sure does! Do you think LGD does better in front of big crowds, or not necessarily?

Definitely. We perform better on the stage, in front of people. We are very hyped.


Next years season will have five Majors and five Minors as DPC events. Do you think that is better?

I think so. This season has been very hectic so the new system will give teams more time to rest as there will be a lot less travelling.


Thank you for taking the time, xNova! Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to our fans who have continuously supported us and to our sponsors as well.


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