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Day three of The International 2018 Main Event features two elimination series before the most anticipated match of the day, EG versus OG.

First to enter the arena today were the TI8 underdogs Winstrike who were pitted against their CIS camarade Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok representing yet again the North American region at TI. VGJ.Storm came on top in the group stages, therefore began their TI8 main event adventure from the winner’s bracket. However, a very determined OG pushed them yesterday in the lower bracket.


With Winstrike the story is a bit different. They had to play a tiebreaker with Invictus Gaming in the group stage, in order to decide who stays and who goes home. They won that 2-0 and once the main event has begun they’ve managed to deliver an amazing upset in the bo1 first round by taking out Newbee, the TI7 runner-up team.


Winstrike’s elimination match from today had a rather unusual but beautiful story behind it. Back in the day when Reso was a teenager and a simple DotA fan, he offered to literally be  Andrey “ALWAYSWANNAFLY” Bondarenko’s water boy in exchange for being allowed to stay around the CIS legend and learn as much as possible about this game called Dota. The story was first told by SirActionSlaks in the Winstrike episode of The International 2018 Downlow team profile series and confirmed a couple of times on the first two days of the TI8 broadcast.


With this story in mind, in today’s series, we watched the novice exceed his master. VGJ.Storm played two games where they picked  Drow Ranger in the first phase of the draft. Reso got to play the hero in the mid lane with Yawar “YawaR” Hassan on a safe lane Mirana in game one and a mid Venomancer in game two. The entire series went on for one hour, Storm delivering two clinical executions of their Drow strats to save themselves from elimination.


While Reso and VGJ.Storm are now guaranteed at least a top 8 finish at TI8, Winstrike are exiting the event on the 9-12th position and with over $360,000 in winnings.

Day three continues with another elimination series, Team Secret versus Vici Gaming coming up next in the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.



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