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Two of the six Chinese teams at The International 2018 were sent packing from Vancouver on the first day of the main event. One of them was VGJ.Thinder, who lost to Vici Gaming. The  other one was a bit of a shocker, as TI 7 runners-up Newbee went out to the CIS outfit Winstrike.


Newbee vs Winstrike

It was being said that if there was any team that could cause some upsets at TI 8, it was Winstrike. This was a team that formed in February but has already beaten the likes of Virtus Pro (they nearly beat Team Liquid as well). ANd they did just that as they eliminated last year’s runner-up, Newbee in a crazy game that nearly lasted an hour.

It was probably one of the closest game yet at TI 8, with the net worth lead going back and forth. Moogy was having a beast of a game on Gyrocopter and nongrata was making the plays on Winstrike with an unorthodox Clockwerk pick.

Newbee probably made a few hasty decisions with buybacks and it could have gone differently. But Winstrike on the whole played really well as a team. Nofear’s Swaps and nongrata’s general play on Clockwerk were the standout heroes for Winstrike. After the game, Newbee’s Kpii commended nongrata and Silent (Phantom Lancer) for their performances in his interview with Machine.


Vici Gaming vs VGJ.Thunder

The picks for this elimination game were a bit surprising. Instead of going for the tried and tested, VGJ.Thunder picked up a Magnus and Vici Gaming picked drafted an Arc Warden.

VGJ.Thunder lead in the game for a while in the mid game, but an important fight which saw Vici Gaming team wipe their opponents swung the odds in their favor. LaHm was on point with his Echo Slams and it did not help that VGJ.Thunder made more than a few errors when it came to using Hex on ddc’s part or landing the perfect RP on Yang’s part.


Interviews from The International 2018:

Iceberg – Winstrike: ”If you are afraid to play someone here, then you just shouldn’t be playing at TI”
XinQ – Team Serenity: “I was wild and out of control”
No[o]ne – “I hate the mid lane right now”
KuKu – TNC – “If you are playing good Dota, there are no individual plays”
PSG.LGD – Chalice: “ drafts are not that good”
TNC – Raven: “We messed up the drafts”
Team Liquid – MinD_ContRoL: “We picked Optic because we don’t have a good history against Team Secret”
paiN Gaming – Tavo: “Every defeat is a lesson…I’d just rather not lose here, you know?”
OptTic Gaming – Pajkatt “OpTic is better than any of the teams I’ve played in before”


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