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Any Dota 2 tournament feels incomplete without some throws, careless and over-aggressive game-plays. In this Royal Never Give Up vs Geek Fam match, Ember Spirit played perfectly throughout the game but fell off in the last moment of it. Check the article to see how RNG threw the game that they had in control. Match ID: 5193252002

Game 2 Picks and Bans

The picks were almost expected except Riki by RNG.

Draft Advantage in detail

RNG had a 56% draft advantage in which their strengths were split pushing, right click damage, defending, pushing and counter picks. Geek Fam had good advantage in durability and disables.

Overall Comparison

Apart from performing very well in the tournament, RNG had won all the matches played against Geek Fam in this tournament hence it is a great mental advantage.

Final Win Chance

Early Game

Geek Fam had a great start while securing 3k gold lead at the 11th minute mark.

Mid Game

Geek Fam controlled the map and found some kills whenever possible. On the 31st minute mark, the game changed as Geek Fam lost 4k gold lead after a bad gank.

Late game

After that victory, RNG slowly balanced the lead and Geek Fam tried to secure some objectives but failed. RNG played aggressively & gained 10k lead. But at the 57th minute they took a bad fight & lost the game because of that.

The Throw

At the 57th minute mark, Riki and Ember Spirit didn’t have buyback whereas none of the Geek Fam heroes had buyback. Roshan was up and the entire game’s victory depended on it. Both teams went near the Roshan pit and Shadow Shaman caught Puck. Ember Spirit jumped forward to kill Puck but used all the 4 remnants. This was either a misclick or a very bad move because throwing away all remnants took away his own chance to escape. This was when RNG couldn’t help him easily as he was too far and when they reached, they were so late and couldn’t even save themselves. At this moment they just lost the game

End game statistics
Networth Graph

A tip for young players

Don’t throw.

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