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Just one final day remains before The International 2019 kicks off with groups announced, Tiny’s prestige item confirmed and the custom creeps also arriving, there’s just one more battle which requires a victor – the Arcana vote.

We are down to our grand final of the Arcana vote with just two heroes remaining – after a fantastic semi final too with millions of votes. First, the losers of the semi-final: Faceless Void and Spectre. The International 2019’s purple theme slightly matches these two heroes but unfortunately the two have to take a seat on the side and wait for their Arcana as the voting for the semi-final came to a close. Even with 11.4 and 9.7 million votes respectively, it wasn’t enough to knock out the top two heroes in this year’s Battle Pass Arcana vote. Unfortunately for Faceless Void, this is not the first time the hero has been on the brink of a glorious Arcana – finishing in second place to Rubick just last year, which gave us the amazing Magus Cypher Arcana.

The grand final of the Arcana vote is set to be an extremely heated one between the amazing Ogre Magi and the versatile Windranger. While both heroes have seen some Immortal treasures going their way in previous years, the Arcana is the cosmetic facelift we all want for our favourites. Windranger racked up a massive 12.6 million votes as she knocked out Spectre but this was completely trounced by Ogre Magi’s 15.5 million votes to eliminate Faceless Void from the running. While this is not indicative of what the grand finals will bring, we’re still sure it will be an extremely tight race.

With one week until the voting closes, we’ll be deep into TI9 when we find out who will take the prestigious Arcana vote and a few days closer to also crowning out champions of The International 2019 as the event kicks off tomorrow in Shanghai, China.

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