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The moment everyone was waiting for is here – The TI 8 Battle Pass! The Dota community recently had gone so crazy awaiting the arrival of the Battle Pass that the answer to any Dota 2 related was a question in return: When is the Battle Pass arriving?! Well, it is finally here and as always, it full of surprises and the regular good stuff. A level 1 Battle Pass costs $9.99 while a level 75 one is for $36.99. Let’s take a look at what owners of the TI 8 Battle Pass will be entitled to.

 Role match making queue

Tired of 5 man carry games ruining your ranked pubs? No more will that be a problem for the TI 8 Battle Cup owners! The new ‘Tanked Roles’ match making option gives all players an option to select what roles they want to play in the game. This should make for a lot more stable teams.


Mutation match making mode

Mutation is a new match making mode that has been added. In this, there will be specific mutations to the game as we know it which will affect all players in a game. It is interesting, but not my cup of tea.


 The Battle Pass

Now we come to the most interesting stuff. The Battle Pass! The Battle Pass user interface is pretty much the same. Earn levels, get better rewards. levels can be earned by betting on tokens or purchasing levels. There are a 1000 tokens every week and they get renewed at the end of the week! Immortal treasures I, II and II, the chat wheel, Rylai’s Blessing..they’re all back!


Immortal Treasure I

One of the best parts of the Battle Cup are the new immortals that are released! Immortal Treasure I is out there and there are a few heroes who been awarded their first immortals. Underlord and Terrorblade get their first immortals and I have to say, they are pretty sick! I’d say Underlord and Vengeful Spirit have the best ones in the regular immortals. The best one is the Ultra Rare immortal wielded by Phantom Assassin! That’s the one everyone will have their eyes on.

The Underhollow

Last year, Valve introduced an adventure game mode in the form of ‘Siltbreaker’. This yeah, the theme is a bit different. Titled ‘The Underhollow’, the story is based around Roshan.

Roshan is on a ravenous, cheese-fueled rampage and Battle Pass owners are invited to venture beyond the surface of his lair into the heart of the Underhollow.

Battle through a labyrinth filled with monsters, marvels, and many other three-player enemy squads as you search for Roshan’s rarest cheese and work to be the last team standing. You’ll need to navigate carefully to earn the XP and Gold needed to destroy your opponents.

But don’t take too long—Roshan’s cheese frenzy is causing cave-ins as he moves towards the center of the Underhollow. Soon enough there will be nowhere left to run.



Cavern Crawl

Cavern Crawl lets you win some exclusive sets and extra Battle Pass points based on picking designated heroes in normal games and winning with them!


The prestige item

Last year it was Kunka. This year, it is Lion! Kunka’s Shark immortal sure was special. Wonder what Valve has in store for Lion. One is thing is for sure though. The Lion in the image sure looks sinister.


All in all, there is a lot to look forward to in the Battle Pass. The best thing is, if the prize pool surpasses last years prize pool of $24.8 million, all Battle Pass owners get 10000 Battle Points and an additional 10000 if the prize pool exceed $30 million! So open up your wallets and start buying!

The Battle Pass is available here:
It is also available in game.


Note: All the above rewards are available ONLY to the owners of the TI 8 Battle Pass.










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