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The five Infamous players coming to Shanghai, China to play on their first ever The International tournament continue to impress. They nearly made it to the playoffs bracket, one point separated them from an incredible achievement for the South American Dota, but the team seems to be determined to write history for their region.

Seeded in the lower bracket versus Keen Gaming, a team qualified for TI9 via Dota Pro Circuit points, Infamous didn’t care too much about counters or mind games. They opened the best-of-one draft with Enchantress and were allowed to pick some of their comfort heroes, as Keen was doing a reactive draft. The Chiense countered Enchantress with Phantom Assassin, they picked Witch Doctor and Kunkka to deal with Infamous’ early aggression and even decided to go with an Omnikight last pick to counter the SA team’s offlane batrider. 

However, in their effort to counter every hero on the map, Keen found themslves with a bunch a heroes unable to play objective Dota, and while they got a good laning stage, they were simply ran over once Infamous started to play as five. 

Keen Gaming is the first Chinese to be eliminated from The International 2019. They join Alliance and Fnatic in the 13th-16th leaving the Chinese region with just three teams fighting for the Aegis of Champions. The lower bracket best-of-one round will conclude today with the brawl between Mineski and Na’Vi.

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