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For any team game that uses a leaderboard for its players, the higher you get in rankings, you are bound to get better teammates and the more competitive opponents. This should be one of the biggest incentives for any casual player who starts to grind ranks or medals.

Unfortunately, despite revamping the report system, Valve’s game has a big problem with the toxicity in the high ranked games and with the trolls who feed just for the joy of ruining the game for the others. Perhaps for the vast majority of casual Dota 2 players, this isn’t a career-threatening issue, but for the pros who solo queue, this has become a huge problem.  Why would they even care about solo ranked matches some might ask. Well, solely because in Dota 2 the solo Matchmaking Rating (MMR) has a huge influence on a player’s career. People are scouted based on their solo MMR and often they get signed by high-profile teams.  A few examples would be MidOne, W33, Topson, Miracle, InYourDream, Timado and the list could go on.

Frustrated fans, or simply people with nothing better to do, are hunting the pros in pub matches and do everything possible to prevent them from staying at the top of the leaderboards. Tigers’ offlaner, David “MoonMeander” Tan calls the people who made an obsession with ruining the games on purpose “griefers”. They “mastered the art of not getting 6 month banned,” he said today in a TwittLonger post where he explains what NA pubs are dealing with these days. ”They also learnt to play around how many games they can grief, creating smurfs while their mains have a downtime on how many games they griefed, so they won’t get 6 months banned, “ he says while trying to explain why the current report and the low priority systems are flawed.

MoonMeander’s post from today is about those who do nothing else but run down mid lane into the opposite tower and feed on purpose or those who after they get a bit of farm, they go and destroy their items and then they proceed on the same feeding tactic of running into the enemy towers. Unfortunately, some of the pro players are sometimes doing the exact same thing, they destroy their own items or they throw pub games on purpose if they get tilted by the fact that their team is losing. So, the casual players learnt this from their idols, to begin with and that’s why MoonMeander ends his post with a kind  of request to the professional players, reminding them that they are public figures now, who certainly can have an influence on their fans’ actions:

“To all the professional players out there, please don’t run down mid, or destroy items, even if the game is over. This sets a bad example to your fans who will follow in your steps. I really hope this message reaches out to everyone, and that we can come together as a community and make this amazing game Valve created even better by weeding out the toxicity, and welcoming new players.”

A week ago another North American player, Brian “BananaSlamJamma” Canavan, has also posted a detailed explanation about one person who actually stalks him in pubs and ruins his games on purpose. In BSJ’s case, what he describes as going on is already a case of harassment and it goes far beyond just dealing with a toxic player.

BSJ is haunted by a top 100 carry NA player whose nickname is Venom. The post was made on the 28h of December and it describes the behavior of the player for the entire 2018.

“Throughout the course of this entire year, and even more so recently, he has taken it upon himself to intentionally queue at the same time that I do and when he is on the opponent team he picks one of his 3 best heroes and tries to win. But, when he [Venom] is on my team, he picks a carry hero like Venomancer and proceeds to buy midas/boots of travel or some semblance of this build and intentionally ruins the game (Most recent match ID 4298265829). If I had to guess, he has done this over 100 times in the last year, “explains BSJ.

Both MoonMeander and BSJ are asking Valve to look into the reports and ban system, and find a solution to have a better way to deal with such players. BSJ is even suggesting something that’s not completely new for MOBA games: “I should be able to have a short list of people that I am allowed to ban from ever being on my team, “he said and asked the community to bring more ideas of what could be done in the future by the game developer. “this isn’t the only solution I would assume and I am open to any and all ideas from members of the community as well as Valve. But, at this current moment, I have no means of defending myself. My ability to make a living, gain MMR, and the overall integrity of the game are all at the hands of one guy that can ruin my games anytime he feels like it.”

Obviously, the report system currently in place has many flaws and can be easily abused or circumvented and the community has been complaining about these issues for a while now.

Maybe a few high profile cases can shoot this issue up on Valve’s priority list and save us all from the feeding trolls.

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