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Alliance kicked Aster out of the MDL Chengdu Major with an unbelievable, dominating and super aggressive gameplay. In spite of a first pick Drow Ranger from Alliance, Aster were not able to counter it and had to forfeit after several buy-backs and die-backs. This is the game analysis of an impressive performance by Nikobaby Drow Ranger and Team Alliance.

Draft analysis:

Game 3: Picks and Bans

Aster tried their best counter the first pick Drow Ranger and they were successful at the draft but they didn’t have a huge draft advantage so Alliance out-played them and won the game.

55% Draft Advantage for Aster

Draft Advantage in detail

Alliance had advantage in healing, counter picking, durability and right click damage whereas Aster had advantage in mobility, initiating and nuke damage. Aster’s main advantage was in the late game but Alliance didn’t delay in pushing and didn’t give that late game opportunity to Aster.

Game Analysis:

Live advantage at 24th minute

This match had a very slow start as the first blood was at 8th minute but after Drow Ranger started rotating the game picked up a massive pace. Team Aster was so close to win a couple of mid-game team fights but the healing from Undying was perfect in saving every teammate. Even though Aster lost map control, they were able to find farm and kept on getting necessary items.

The most under-performed gameplay was by Faceless Void as he could have played more aggressive and tried to do more damage. His Chronospheres were always perfect but there was only Sniper who did some damage inside. Jakiro was most of the times the first to die in every fight and Shadow Shaman was busy disabling the opponents so they couldn’t win the team fight even after the use of Chronosphere.

Aster surely played well but Nikobaby’s Drow Ranger was just too aggressive for them to handle. They didn’t expect Drow Ranger to jump into the back-lines and target Sniper or the supports so efficiently. Alliance was in perfect sync and their co-ordination was flawless which was their biggest advantage.

Watch the epic Drow Ranger performance here:

4 minutes video clip of all team-fight highlights

Networth Graph

End Game statistics

A tip for young players:

One of the best ways to be successful with your team is to have one mindset. To have one mindset, you all should explain to each other how aggressively you really like to play. It’s not necessary that you must play aggressively, but your playstyle must match with your teammate’s playstyle. For example, in this game, if Drow Ranger hadn’t rotated in the enemy safe lane and instead decided to farm in her own jungle then this game would have gone late and Faceless Void with Sniper is a dangerous late game combination. So before every team match, you should tell your team how aggressively you want to play. This will definitely bring you more success.

Game result prediction if Drow didn't play so aggressive
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