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After nine days and a lot of Dota 2 games, the Kuala Lumpur Major has reached its finals series this Sunday. Team Secret were the first to claim a spot in the best-of-five grand finals after an absolutely crushing performance through the upper bracket rounds, leaving Evil Geniuses and to duke it out today in the lower bracket finals.

What was expected to be a heavily disputed series, turned out to be a very one sided affair for, who brought to the Axiata Arena stage all their unique moves. Confidence borderlining cockiness, well-prepared drafts targeted at EG’s comfort picks and text book executions made it  look all too easy for the CIS Dota 2 juggernaut.

“Why are EG playing just two heroes, is it a team thing or is it really an Artour problem at this moment,” the panel was trying to figure out this morning. They didn’t get to any conclusion and perhaps VP never asked themselves that question. In game one of the best-of three series they just went on banning Arc Warden in the first phase of the draft and let Evil Geniuses pick Terrorblade. VP dealt with TB by drafting a line-up full of control spells and a last pick Invoker to ease their path into the grand finals. EG put Syed “SumaiL” Hassan on Leshrac, hoping that they will have the magic burst to melt down the towers and the advantage in the team fights, but VP’s Spectre and Invoker didn’t die a single time during the entire game, while EG couldn’t protect their Terrorblade to make a comeback.  

In game two forced EG to play a new carry by banning both Arc Warden and Terrorblade while they picked Spectre again for themselves. EG’s choice was Juggernaut, a classic counter to Spectre due to his Healing Ward. However, the CIS guys picked Winter Wyvern who could kill the Ward pretty easy, while saving a target with her Cold Embrace. Sumail got to play Ember Spirit, but he was sent in the offlane as VP had a mid lane Monkey King. Gustav “s4” Magnusson went with Enigma mid but he also got owned by an on fire Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko. Although S4 got a decently fast level six, his team wasn’t prepared to team fight and the later it got into the game, the harder it was for him to land a big Black Hole without it being stolen by VP’s Rubick. EG’s coordination and execution were lacking, they made repeated mistakes and got caught all over the map by a very confident VP, who are now joining Team Secret in the Kuala Lumpur Major grand finals.

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