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Did you miss anything from the last week in esports? Swamped with work or school? Enjoyed sun and beaches instead of staying on the internet 24/7? VPEsports’ Stories from the Week brings you all the biggest headlines you might have missed.

The International 9 is here

The months of build up are over. The International 9 is finally live on stream, and the weeks-long race for the Aegis has begun. Already, we’ve seen the grand battle for the CIS, the OG vs. EG rivalry, and double Rampage Meepo. And it’s not even been two days yet!

TI9 prize pool passes $33 million

It keeps growing! As of August 15, the prize pool for TI9 passed $33M, pushing the limits of the highest-paying esports event of all time. At the time of this article, the number is up to $33.1M and although it’s slowed down, there’s plenty of time for it to reach that coveted $34M.

Mushi back on Mineski

Mushi and Mineski had a year-long affair between 2017-2018, leading to them winning DAC 2018 together and finishing top 6 at several Majors together, until they parted ways in the fall of 2018.

Now, Mushi is back with the SEA squad, coaching them for TI9. So far, Mineski are looking good, even in their strong group with Team Secret, PSG.LGD and Team Liquid, so maybe it’s Mushi magic pushing the forward!

s1mple gets one-week ban on Twitch for using homophobic slur

The best CS:GO player in the world will have to stay one week away from Twitch. NaVi’s s1mple was issued a seven-day ban for throwing a homophobic slur on stream. s1mple’s actions, despite being in jest towards fellow teammate BoombI4, did not sit well with Twitch mods and gave the player some time away from the platform — or at least until the StarLadder Major begins next week.

Coldzera gets into drama with CS:GO players

Former MIBR player Coldzera got some heat onto him this week after calling out several colleagues from the CS:GO esports community. In a video interview for the Brazillian YouTub channel Shot da Caju, Coldzera revealed stories about the Astralis players, Team Liquid’s stewie2k and more.

In the aftermath, many of those players took to social media or spoke on stream about Coldzera’s claims and accusations, calling out the Brazillian for “talking shit”, saying he’s “just hurting himself”.

Echo Fox limited partners asking for Rick Fox’s resignation

The drama in Echo Fox has seemingly no end. After Riot Games took control of EF’s LCS slot sale, reports now say that the vast majority of limited partners in Echo Fox are calling for Rick Fox’s resignation as manager. Emails obtained by Upcomer gave details on the long internal negotiations about the LCS slot sale and the division between Rick Fox and the limited partners in the decision between the Shapiro Group and Peak6 (Evil Geniuses’ parent company).

The story is still developing.

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