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Late last night Valve released a patch for Dota 2 which updated the Battle Pass with the broadcast talent for The International 2018 as well as finally giving us The Immortal Treasure III. Inside this are a chance for Immortal items for Dark Willow, Shadow Shaman, Queen of Pain, Batrider, Zeus, Naga Siren and Witch Doctor.

The treasure also contains a chance at the Golden Queen of Pain item as well as a chance at 50 Battle Pass Levels and that Cosmically Rare Emblem of the Crystal Echelon. Let’s take a look at the items available in The Immortal Treasure III:


Shadow Shaman – Censer of Gliss

Dark Willow – Heart of Misrule

Queen of Pain – Bloodfeather Feast

Batrider – Ghastly Nocturne

Zeus – Tempest Revelation

Naga Siren – The Order of Cyprin


+50 Battle Pass Levels

Very Rare

Queen of Pain – Golden Bloodfeather Feast

Ultra Rare

Witch Doctor – Masque of Awaleb Bundle

Cosmically Rare

All Heroes – Emblem of the Crystal Echelon

With just over 2 weeks remaining until The International 2018 kicks off, the $25,000,000 dream is still on the cards. The release of a new treasure is normally something that causes a slight spike in the prize pool graph and with the current pool sitting just under the $23,000,000 mark, this may be just what it needs to pull a significant amount ahead of TI7 pool. Currently a rather small spike is occuring and at the time of writing TI8’s pool remains only 0.71% ahead of TI7’s. With all the Immortal Treasures now unlocked, we decide whether or not TI8 will topple TI7’s prize pool as the biggest in esports history.

You can find the full announcement from Valve, as well as a link to the bug fixes released in last night’s patch here.

All videos courtesy of Dota 2 Gamepedia

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