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The list of teams still waiting for their prize money from 2017 keeps growing as more of them start to publicly talk about the debts tournament organizers are not interested in paying out.

China Top 2017

TNC re-opened the topic on March 4 when they took on Reddit to point out that China Top 2017, event where the team won the big prize, $75,000, hasn’t paid the money. Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, member of Digital Chaos back then, has confirmed that DC have also never been paid for their 4th place finish at the same event.

China Top was one of the tournaments held with the support of Chinese government and it featured a total prize pool of $113,000.

World Electronic Sports Games – WESG 2017

Following the reports from yesterday, SG e-sports revealed that they are also owned money, but from a different tournament. The South American organization is still waiting the payment for their second place finish in the SA qualifiers of WESG 2017. According to SG e-sports, WESG are yet to send the payment of $10,000 despite all efforts made the organization to collect the debt. Ironically, WESG is about to kick off their third edition, on the 7th of March.

WESG is ran by one of the largest Chinese business company, Alibaba and it also had the government support. The 2017 edition was endorsed by the Haikou Municipal People’s Government.

World Cyber Arena – WCA 2017

WCA is one of the most infamous Chinese tournaments, mostly for the poor on-site organizational part, but also for delayed payments. According to compLexity Gaming General Manager, Kyle “Beef” Bautista, the tournament is yet to pay both coL Dota 2 and CS:GO squads for their results in the regional qualifiers finals from 2017. coL Dota won back then~ $7,250 placing second while the CS:GO team placed third and are owned ~$2,250.

“Despite over a dozen attempts to reach out to multiple contacts, we’ve not gotten a reply in over 8 months. The last time we got a reply it was to let me know that our contact no longer worked at the company,” said Kyle Bautista yesterday, replying to TNC ‘s Reddit post.

From the same event, the Dota 2 team HellRaisers, later on renamed Planet Dog, are owed about $40,000. The team placed first in the European finals and won $30,178 on October 7, 2017 and a couple of months later, they participated in the LAN finals where they placed third under the Team Dog tag and won $7,895.

From CS:GO European finals, the Danish squad Heroic are also yet to receive their first-place prize money, ~ $26,000.

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