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The Underlords esports scene hasn’t really picked up, despite the game being out for a few months (although, yes, it is still in beta, and the Auto Chess geenre is a fickle one to broadcast). In the next four days, however, tournament organizer WePlay will try to change this.

Known for their previous involvement in Artifact, where they put on some of the most popular tournaments in the game’s short lifespan, WePlay are returning with a $15,000 Underlords tournament, which is to take place August 1-4. WePlay’s Underlords Open went through a massive Open Qualifier campaign, in which more than 5,000 participated.

Now, it’s down to just 16 players: eight from the EU qualifier and eight from the NA qualifier. Over the last four days, they will play matches and collect points based on their placement to determine who walks out the first champion in Dota Underlords esports.

Stream is here.

Americas top 8

  • BruisedByGod
  • [F]umeche
  • 4he
  • JosephDAC
  • FibonacciHS
  • Ratt112
  • MeNoHaxor
  • ZabeyYaka

Europe top 8

  • NiroTime
  • maxbringtheaxe
  • yca4
  • snofe
  • Cmel
  • Ciaoknives
  • trumad
  • rist
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